Everyone likes superheroes. A few years back, most of the games based on movies or cartoon characters were a bit sucky and didnt meet most of the gamers' expectations. That changed with the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Superhero games became more popular and gamers started looking forward to them. Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions is another superhero game which most of us will like. Though it cant be compared to the recent Batman releases, this game is a lot of fun on its own.

Naturally, the player has to take control of Spider-man, but in four different dimensions. That is, you get to play as four different spider-mans: The Amazing Spider-man, Ultimate Spider-man, Noir Spider-man and Spider-man 2099. I would suggest to read the comics if you want more info. on those. Various missions are set for each of the four heroes. The Amazing and Ultimate Spider-man missions are set in the present, Noir Spider-man in the past, and, Spider-man 2099 in the future. The main goal of each level in the game is to collect various pieces of a magical artifact. This magical artifact was accidentally shattered by Spider-man when he tried to get it back from Mysterio in a cutscene at the beginning of the game.

Each spidey has his own abilities and powerful combos. For instance, Ultimate Spider-man has a signature rage mode, which, when activated, proves brutal to enemies nearby. Noir Spider-man uses stealth against enemies and takes them down from the dark. Spider-man 2099 has accelerated vision abilities. The list can go on if you start to compare each of the four characters. All of them are equally fun to play with. Each mission is set in a different time and the specific spidey of that time has to be used.

One major feature of the game is its artistic design. This artistic design gives a comical feel all throughout the game. Simply put, this particular feature looks great. It adds to the gameplay of being Spider-man, swinging all around the place and taking down enemies. The game does have some camera view problems now and then, especially when you crawling on walls. I would recomment using a controller for playing this one on PC.

The gameplay is great as it gives you plenty of freedom to control Spider-man, his movement and his combat. The levels do sometimes feel monotonous but this gets overshadowed by all the superhero action. The game's visuals give it a whole new feel and are terrific. 

In the end, Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions is a great play if you want to do some casual gaming and get your mind off other things. Being in Spider-man's shoes and web-slinging at enemies feels great.