Colin McRae Rally 2
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For a game that was made in 1999, in the hight of the World Rally Championships, comes Colin McRae Rally 2.0. This is the PC version of the Playstation Version. The game gives you all the feel of actual rally, while at the same time reminds you that you are actually on your sofa, or at the table...

The Controls of this game is solid, and since you can tweak it to your liking, it works for me. The gameplay is just what I would expect from the WRC, or any game for that matter and you get into the world of the Rally Drivers. With many cars to choose from the top WRC teams, inclusive of the Legendary Colin McRae himself and his trusty Co Driver Nicky Grist, you can go through the Championship feeling like a champion.

 The weather system in this game is unique. Some places the weather would change on you (if you leave the weather setting to random). For example, in some forest stages in the UK, there would be fog, then clear sky, or vice versa. Night stages are especially challenging, as your visibility is drastically reduced. Whatever the case, you would be placed on your toes most of the time, as if you are not familiar with the world of Rally, the learning curve is a steep one.

Being a game made since 1999, one would not expext all the dazzling graphics, but it had decent graphics for it's time. Especially knowing that this game was made with a specific engine that even the crappiest of today's laptops can surpass (PS: Do not use an Intel (R) Celeron on this, it is a bit terrible). There are over 80 stages to drive on and all are from legendary WRC countries!