Gran Turismo 5
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Gran Turismo has always been my favorite racing game (Next to the SEGA 1986 Hit: Outrun, but that's another story), and ever since the first one for the PlayStation (1) I always saw it to be more than just a game. In fact, Gran Turismo has broken the barrier between "Simply a Video Game" and "I can't tell the difference".

Gran Turismo 5 is a continuation of racing Goodness, with nearly all of the Genres of racing fit into one action packed game. If you have a need for speed and want to race against the best, go into arcade or Career modes. But, if you just want to drive around a track for a bit, or just race against a few friends, Gran Turismo even allows that.

The gameplay is excellent, and you would always have fun. So much so that you can even use this game as a driving learning tool (I've heard of people using this game just before driving exams, and PASSING.). Even the Great Sebastien Loeb used Gran Turismo 3 just before winning a rally. 

The Graphics of GT5 are off the charts, as when compared to Forza, it can be seen that GT5 has the graphical Upper hand! The stages are also excellently created, knowing some classic stages, as well as some real live ones. It even has (for those into this) NASCAR Racing, Full Rallying and License Schools which is more than a lot of racing games.

However, this game is not without the rare flaws. First off, and as usual there is little to no damage. Of course we don't want to total a Ferrari, but running into a brick wall at 140 MPH and getting no damage at all is rather scary, also taking away the realistic content a bit. Another problem would be that the spectators are rather generic, some don't even move at all.

This is a game I recommend to people who want to start off a racing career in gaming.