Grand Theft Auto V
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Look at Dem Reflections...

Grand Theft Auto V, also know as GTA V is upcoming highly anticipated open-world adventure game by Rockstar North and Rockstar Games. Most of the installments on the Grand Theft Auto series were full filled with graphics and game play, except the previous Grand Theft Auto title, Grand Theft Auto IV which was badly optimized for PC. Most of us, Grand Theft Auto fans to be precise, are expecting better optimized version for the PC of this upcoming Grand Theft Auto title, Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar haven't revealed much information yet, but two screenshots and a trailer. 

Story line of the Grand Theft Auto V is most probably is going to be based on a gang environment as they did on all the titles on the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA V is expected to be set on the Los Santos, which was previously seen in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Lots of fans were expecting Carl Johnson, also known as CJ who was in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is going to be on this next GTA, but voice actor for CJ has announced that he is not going to be on  GTA V...

Engine that the Grand Theft Auto V is going to be based on is still unannounced. But taking look at the trailer that was out for months and the newly released screenshots, the engine for the Grand Theft Auto V will probably be demanding after seeing the details on the water and scale of the environment. As I've mentioned above, us PC gamers expect this upcoming game engine to be optimized well for the PC as they did on Max Payne 3. 

Graphics must be absolutely stunning gorgeus, after looking at those screenshots and the trailer that Rockstar have left us with. For a instant, take a look at the amount of reflective details on the water, and how brighter the environment is, doesn't it look like a big improvement for the previous Grand Theft Auto title, GTA IV?

There are lots of rumours going on around about Grand Theft Auto V, that it's going to be getting a multiplayer mode. It's not yet officially announced by Rockstar. But expected to be a lot similar to the multiplayer mode of the Max Payne 3.



Rockstar had a asked & answered section lately, many questions that fans had were answered during that. Well, so we thought of covering it up through this preview:

  • Rockstar is not delaying the next Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto V because of they hate their fans, they don't care about them. They're delaying it because they want their fans to have 100% correct information and want to keep all their surprises to be surprises to their fans.
  • Since the fans of the GTA series, really want to see something from the game. Rockstar have revealed two of the screenshots that I mentioned above.
  • There is not going to be any beta tests for Grand Theft Auto V.



As the bottom line, Grand Theft Auto V will be one of the top selling games when it's been released, and will continue to grow as the previous titles did. We are hoping for better optimization for the PC, and a multiplayer mode to go along with it... We expect it to be release on this November 15th, which is 5 months away from today. Till then, we've to wait...

Yes, its a helicopter, that is expected to be open to the player.