Diablo III
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Blizzard Entertainment have always released the most addictive games ever. Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, and Diablo 3 are all very very addictive games. More than a month has passed since I have been playing Diablo 3 non stop. However, right now, I am seriously thinking of quitting the game because of the many factors that I will be explaining and how to improve upon these factors.


1. Welcome back hack and slash: I have missed this kind of gameplay for 10 years and its very fun to hack and slash through the many kinds of demons of hell. So much fun!

2. Skills with runes: These things separate you from the other players. With runes in skills, you can create your own skillset in which you are very comfortable with.

3. Graphics engine: From the way monsters die, and how players and monsters interact with the environment, you can tell that Blizzard focused a lot on how the environment and players interact and how the monsters of diablo 3 react and move to certain skills you do.


1. Very short story: Feels like the story was to fast. Maybe it was rushed by Blizzard

2. Auction house: The auction house is too inflated. Blizzard needs to find a way to deflate the prices of items. 

3. Lack of end game: However lets see if PvP will solve this.


Ways to improve the game:

1. Introduce a higher tier of level after 60 in next patches: How I see the way this would work is that after you reach the max level of 60, you can now put experience in specialty levels which would reach to about 10 levels. These levels are hard to max out as it requires tons of experience. You gain a perk per level. For example: After achieving specialty level 1, reduced prices of repairs by 20%, level 2: level 1 perk+ increased gold find by 30%, so on and so forth. This gives players more end game and more things to do aside from farming. You'd want to a max level for specialty levels.

2. Placing your own points as you level: What I miss most about diablo 2 is how you are able to put points in specific stats you wish per level. Without this present in Diablo 3, I find it very weird for them not to implement this again. This ensures that you create a entirely new build on your own and again adds to the experimenting and fun factor in character specialization. 

3. Release Ladder with PvP: Enough said. Ladder in Diablo 2 is what made me play it for a longer time. No ladder=No competitiveness. I love ladder

4. Auction House: Needs improvement and refinement. I started playing Diablo 3 and the highest item before that was being sold was at around 10 million. Now I see items with prices of 1 billion? inflation is crazy. Find a way to deflate the economy. Please, not by repair bills?


Dont get me wrong, the Diablo franchise is one of the best gaming franchises I have seen, but Blizzard is taking the wrong steps to making the Diablo franchise. Overall, this is still a good game to buy if you like to destress yourself from the problems of the real world and have fun with some friends online. I know there are still hardcore diablo 3 fans out there but really cmon, this game needs a little more spice to its end game and how the game is at its point now.