World of Tanks
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Free to play MMO games are usually developed by Chinese or Korean developer, but the game I've been playing lately come from Belorussian company, and the game they developed called

World Of Tanks


Tons of tanks to choose & modify

World of Tanks offer you to control historically based tank that came from 20th century, all the tank had it history and used in the tide of war or the tank does exist but some were experimental or just a few that produced. since the tank based on real history there is no fiction tank that walk like a robot and had rocket to fly, no tank that used railgun and laser beam and no tank that use nuclear missiles as their weapon ( we're talking a doomsday weapon here ), so the tank only had cannon and gun as their weapon no fiction things above.

Tanks that available divided in 5 type and 10 Tiers: Light tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Tank destroyers and SPG (Self Propelled gun) and had their own design in each nation. the nation of the tank is French, Germans, USA, Russia and some of the tank were chinese origin, even famous tank like Shermans, Tigers, Churchill were available in this game, so don't get confused to pick your tank !

One of the intresting features in this game is, you can improve your tank performance by doing modification on your tanks after you recived experience point from battle, there 5 branch of modification you can make, from Suspension, Gun, Turret, Engine and Radio. each of th modules had it function like suspension increased your tank weight limit so you can modify the tank's modules greatly, With the radio improved you can see enemy that are spotted by your teamates so you able to read the tide of battle in the battlefield that are vital to achieve victory.


Easy to play but hard to master

To play the game were pretty simple, drive your tank and destroy your opponent's tanks then win. But it's not that simple, you had to work together with your teamates, so there is no such thing as Rambo wannabe Bravado like in most MMOFPS. You got to stick with your team fight together until the opponent is suppressed and Take them all when they retreated, but there is another way to achive victory by capture their base if you had high speed tanks.

The battle can be last long or can be short depending on the player teamwork, if the player chose to do all by yourself without taking the nenemies together the battle will end with your team lose, but if you willing to work with your teamates the battle will end with your team win.

For the first time the game feels easy to master, but with player gain experience and gaining tank with higher Tier your opponent are harder to defeat and sometimes you had to fight opponent that 2-4 Tiers higher, of course with the level difference player had difficulties fight them and making the player the weakest player in the field.

Like I said before, the Tanks are divided in 5 Type and each type had it strength and weakness like most MMO. For example Light tanks is the "Scout" Class in this game, they are fast, agile but the firepower were weak. they can run behind enemy line and give information about enemy position to teamates so they can carefully launch an attack or to be spotter for SPG's. Medium Tanks can be classified as "Hybrid" , they had speed llike light tanks, but they had better armor than LT's their firepower isn't bad either with skill their gun can rip heavy tanks. this type of tank work better if they use "wolfpack" by stick together and launch attack on the enemy. "Tanker" class are Heavy tanks, this type of tank had thick armor, high Hit point making them hard to destroy and also can withstand most attack. Tanks destroyer ia the "Damage Dealer" in WoT, they had pretty weak armor and low health, but they had powerful gun that can even rip Heavy Tank armor to pieces also they can hide behind bushes then preparing an ambush for the enemy when they came near or far. For the "Ranger" it is for SPG, this type of tank had the weakest attribute but had Gun or Howitzer as their weapon. The weapon they carried can knock out all type of tank miles away but when enemy came near their gun can destroy any tank that came close. but the weakness is these type of tank had low mobility, very weak armor and low reload speed plus the ammunition they carried is not so much, so we had to count and measure our shot correctly if we want to make kill, because if not it's just waste of ammo.


Aim your target wisely

If in the most MMO, critical hit is based on our luck, but in here our attack based on our skill to draw our shot, for example, if you shoot the turret ring ( place between the hull and turret ) continuously you will destroy the turret, making their turret can't traverse their normally. And when attacking the tracks, resulting enemy tank immobilized then it will be easy target for you and your teamates but these are the simple example, the complex example is if the tank had 60mm of armor and the armor is slope about 60 degree,  there were high change for your shot to ricochet or even bounce. but these just bit from many possibilities drawing our attack. 



This game had innovative and creative ideas for it genre, not just this game push us to rely on teamwork. not just teamworks but tactics that we used in the battlefield. And with many tanks that available we also can read the tanks history so people knew if in the past monsters like Maus, E-100 and JagdTiger tanks were REALLY exist and some people become intrested in armored vehicle because this game.( me )

The game's graphics were not so bad, the tanks texture are worked perfectly,the camo on the tanks are nice to see, and the upgrades were cool and awesome, the battlefield map were many and various, from desert, urban, jungle, mountains, snow and even swampy field of Karelia.

This game is good for those who seek for creative MMO to play and it is very addictive to play this game it is one of most intresting game to play in the History of Gaming.