best gun

The fps games have always been the most played game in this world , Battlefield series is the part of it . And very big part isn't it having just one big competitor call of duty franchise.

This game is exciting and you will just can't stop playing...reason? This game has a good character choice . It has 4-player squad . The conversation b/w the characters , the argument , the remarks on each other and some part emotions are also up there...so hEY gamers , don't think that this game only this much . In this game you can see your character also. This feature don't happen in call of duty series.

Locations like forest(dense), desert and snow mountains are too good. For me it was the forest most interesting .

Battlefield Bad Company 2  has great combat style . You will see many guns,rpgs,bombs . Enemies will always come up so you don't get bored at all . All in all it excellent war based fps game.

Its multiplayer component was not so much clicking  like call of duty series but its for sure that you will get your money spent worth!!!

cold locations are good