Crysis 2
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Right where do I start, as this is my first time of doing any review so lets start with what I know about Crysis 2. Well I have played this before and completed it when I had my Xbox 360 and unlike a lot of people out there in the wider world I actually enjoyed it. I remember at the time it being over hyped, but show me a game that hasn't been. The premise is that you take over from a guy called Profit! Now I assume this is the chap from the first game and please correct me if I am wrong but it would make sense to me. He has just saved you as you begin your adventure in a sub that is mysteriously attacked. He has also taken the liberty of putting you in his suit. Now this could have been to save your life or he had enough of the suit and wanted someone else to take the burden? But anyway he shoots his brains out! Nice! Thus its your quest to save New york/Earth from a strange alien threat! Now as said been playing this from my Xbox days and I must say you can tell the difference in the graphics alone. So much better on the PC, I have a laptop which while very good and plays all the games that I want to at good levels, is no monster setup yet plays it smoothly and just shows a great deal of detail. I must admit to just going up to objects really close to see how good they look. And boy are they good the water effects alone are a thing of beauty. It did take a while to download from steam and I also must admit that the only reason I did was the price which was a steal in my eyes. But heh I am glad I did and so would you as I am enjoying a game that I had originally put to pasture on my Xbox days. Now I love the story and think it is really gripping and involving and the different routes you can take are great also. I like the way that you gradually get all your powers and aren't invincible from the start. The way that you can change things over, and that the best way around a problem isn't to go gun hoe! Now I am playing this through at a higher level than last time and again maybe this is why I am finding it such good fun to stealth around or put the armour up and just go for it but I would definetly recommend this to anyone. I won't say too much more on plot etc. as I don't want to spoil it for people but you will love the game for its look and more importantly how it plays! Also the controls on this are fantastic especially like me if you have an Xbox controller work straight away no fiddling about at all. As before just get the game at Steams crazy price! Done some testing of this game and it is working on my system with all details on high at 35fps. This is very playable and the lowest I have had is 30fps. Again if it can work to this level of detail on a humble laptop then I hate to think how good this would look on a monster PC! Again can't praise this enough.