This is what it is all about!

So every once in a while we games enthusiasts who spend hours on the latest game crazes and obsessions like to take a break and just play something different. This is exactly what I’ve been doing over the past few days. Cute things dying violently is a puzzle game in which you have to keep your little ‘Critters’ alive by avoiding various gruesome deaths and horrible accidents.

Now considering this isn’t exactly the latest AAA game to hit the shelves I’m not going to be as quick to put this game down. In fact there is plenty of entertainment to be found from this little time waster.

There are 150+ levels in total with some special levels which are unlockable by completing certain achievements in the game. There is also a custom level editor for those who like to set themselves challenges. Personally I just made things more akin to the traps you find in films like Saw.

The controls for the game are rather simple. Using the on screen target that can only move across a horizontal plane you have fling the critters around the level hitting switches and narrowly missing dangerous objects such as buzz saws and spikes. The goal of each puzzle is to get as many critters to the elevator as you can.

The visuals and sounds are charming and light with a cheery bright soundtrack and colourful cartoon visuals. Each level feels well thought out and the difficulty is solid once you get the hang of the controls. If I was pushed to make a criticism I’d say that there aren’t enough death animations to keep them entertaining for more than 30 minutes at a time. But I believe these games aren’t really designed for long playtimes.

The critters themselves are also very colourful both in appearance and language. The cute little balls of fluff have a bite to them that unfortunately I dare not repeat but is rather amusing to hear. However after being called several unpleasant names the wish to not save them and instead send them to their doom becomes somewhat stronger, and that leads me to the games main fall.

The title ‘Cute Things Dying Violently’ doesn’t really explain what this is. The objective of the game is to save these things when in fact it’s a lot more fun to make them die. So although playing the game how it was designed is good fun for a while I think most will find themselves in the level editor within about 2 hours having much more fun creating traps.

So all in all I feel Apathy Works, the creators of Cute Things Dying Violently have accidently made a pretty fun time waster. Whilst the levels themselves are challenging and fun I was interested in this due to the games title. I understand ‘Saving Cute Things From Dying Violently’ isn’t as catchy but I went into this expecting it to be something else. But as I’ve said a few times now there is plenty of room for imagination in the Level editor so for the price, I would recommend getting this little but ultimately fun game.

Some levels are quite complex