A note for the person/people checking this over: I originaly posted this on my Facebook page, not many people have found the page yet (As in its not being read), so I have decided to put it up here where it will be read & hopfully apreciated. I am the writer of this review.

The Amazing Spider-Man is fun, but a drag. I've played through the game once, and have gone back to replay levels. They don't have the same feel as when you first go through them. You will quickly notice how short the missions are and overall very easy. I collected all 700 comics, you get a 25g achievement! THAT IS ALL. The random crime events just run out at some point, as if the criminals just gave up. Really dull boss fight, realistic to the power to Spider-Man and his foe but they don't last long enough. The unlockable suits are too easy to unlock. WAY too easy. The upgrade system is flawed, you can become an 'Ultimate Spider-Man' (Hint at an achievement) to easily and too quickly, I didn't feel challenged. 

However the positive points still stand. Great voice acting, but Spidey should shut the hell up while swinging through the city "YEEEAAAAHHHH, WOOOOOO!!!!". Awesome graphics for current generation consoles and a pretty solid combat system and a great web slinging system. Overall, Beenox should leave it a while before coming back to Spider-Man, wait for the next gen consoles. Deliver a really good experience. I give The Amazing Spider-Man a 7.5/10. A solid game. But it ain't no Spider-Man 2!
• Rock solid framerate
• Fantastic visual details
• Direction – it is still a sandbox, but you have better defined objectives
• Solid and genuinely funny writing
• Combat is frantic and fun – well done!
• YEAAAAAA! WHOOOOHOOO!!! Seriously…shut up.
• Camera while on the ceiling
• Upgrade system is organic and not forced
• Why must developers screw up the ending sequences? Who tests these things?! 

The Amazing Spider-Man is out now for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS, DS and the PC on a later date.