When i started playing this game i thought it had no chance of being good compared with Batman Arkham City, but to be honest you cant really compare it. It is in my opinion a fun game that you could spend hours on looking for mini kits and new characters. It like all other lego games captures the lego world, everything is lego houses, characters and veichles.


Gameplay - When you start off you are batman and as the game plays through you get introduce to new characters like superman, bane, joker and even aquaman? Anyway what i really liked about it is the originality like batman is from gotham, and superman from metropolis. There is no made up places this where they are actually from. There are tricky spots at times trying to figure out challenges and you wil probably have to walk away from it at one time or another as it does get to you a bit. But when you overcome the challenges you are really happy for some strange reason - after all it is Lego batman. You also get different types of suits for your characters like acrobat, Ice and hazard one for Robin and Sensor, Electric and Power one for batman. There is even more the veichles. Batman has numerous including Plane, Car and bike, even Robin does a helicopter and bike.

Pure brilliance.