Spec Ops: The Line
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Spec Ops: The Line is a third-person shooter game with emphasis on utilizing cover and squad-based tactics. Various new weapons and equipment become available as you progress in the game, some dropped by downed enemies. These include several different rifles, handguns, and machine guns, some with alternate firing modes, like using a scope; as well as grenade launchers and hand grenades. Single-player squad commands include focusing fire on a particular target and ordering medical attention to an injured squad member.

A multiplayer mode is also included, with six competitive game types across seven maps, loadout customization, and community leaderboards and challenges that all the gamers want .  

The game has several subtle effects as the team loses their sanity, with Walker having visual and auditory hallucinations, and his executions of enemies becoming more violent, along with his team orders, with him angrily commenting upon several things versus originally being calculated.

The best thing in this game is the story line.Actually every single thing about this game is absolutely bombastic and all the gamers will love it ;).I will just say one thing just get it because its the best 3rd person shooter game in the history.