Battlefield 3
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I was on a budget; I had to decide between two upcoming games: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. I had played and enjoyed every previous Call of Duty to a great extent, but the only experience I truly had on the ‘battlefield’ was Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This however was such an impressive game that I decided to purchase Battlefield 3 after much deliberation.

I found the campaign to be a great disappointment in comparison to other games (including some CoD games). The storyline wasn’t very immersive and going through repetitive missions would get quite tedious. The missions, however, were quite fun and challenging in some respects; decimating a skyscraper with an RPG was thrilling and gave me a rush that I only get when I see destruction (not that I am a destructive man). The gameplay mechanics are similar to almost every other FPS which is good and it means that you needn’t spend days learning new controls which is what, for example, a Fifa player would have to do in order to convert to PES. Also, the ending is one of the most terrible I have ever seen. In total, I would give the campaign 6.5 out of 10.

The multiplayer however was devastatingly good. 64 players in a match is truly brilliant. The maps are massive and the addition of various vehicles to the battlefield really adds to the feeling of being a soldier in total war. There are four classes that a player can choose and customise: Assault (medic), Engineer, Support and Recon. These classes are reinforced by a large variety of weapons, specialisations and equipment. 

There is unfortunately only a small selection of game modes and maps to choose from. The graphics are truly stunning and the physics comparable to real life, which is very important to me. All bullets are affected by gravity, a feature sadly lacking in most games; this means you have to make up for the bullet drop, particularly when attempting to snipe that soldier equipped with the RPG. You can unlock more weapons and equipment by killing enemies on the battlefield. Every point adds to your stats; eventually you level up. There are total of 145 levels.

The flagship game mode is called Rush, where one attacking team must plant bombs on and destroy multiple M-COM stations whilst holding back enemy forces; the defending team must defuse any bombs planted and keep as much territory as possible by any means. Team work is vital but becoming a lone gun can work, but rarely as the enemy defences might just obliterate you. I give the multiplayer 9 out of 10.

There are about seven different co-op missions that you and a friend may try to complete, earning weapons by getting more points from kills. I find these missions to be better than the campaign missions.

This is a brilliant game, but with some room for improvement on multiple levels. Nonetheless, I strongly recommend this to anyone wanting to experience war; I give this game 8 out of 10.