Diablo III
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Right before I start this I shall say that I love this game and it is so additive, and has started a few arguments with my wife! Now to get down to the nitty gritty! This game is fantastic, but there are a few issues I have with it. Now in terms of this review I will go through some of the game and how it works, to installing the game, to finally about HACKING of the game and users. Now I have 2 characters on this game and I must admit that one of my characters gets all my love and attention and the other gets nothing at the moment. Now my love child in this game is my Wizard! The reason for this is due to the fact that it has taken me half the time to level up my Wizard than it did with my Barbarian! Maybe it's due to my total lack of knowledge to start with as the Barbarian was my first character, or it could be the fact that I enjoy killing with the wizard a lot more!

             Anyway enough of this now as back to the story. The first cut-scene that faces you introduces you to several of the main characters and shows a church being blown to screds by a falling fireball. At the start you are very weedy in any form and you can find it a bit tricky to stop dieing. Now I would love to say that it gets easier with time and that you die less! But I would be lieing to myself and more importantly to you!! Now the first real mission as such or act is to fight the Butcher! There are though several boss fights before this. The Skeleton King is the first one of real note and I found this a bit harder than the Butcher. Though the Wizard is great at long range attacks and then running away before he gets clubbed to death! Now I am still in Act 2, and I have been playing for several hours so in terms of the story haven't seen much as 4 acts in all.

 But one thing that does annoy me is the fact that lag also plays a role in your adventuring! What I mean by this is you can be in the heat of battle and all of a sudden it goes into slow mode and you die quickly as the enemies seem to run normally! Now how fair is this? It could mean you losing or damaging an item that you have found which is precious and not replaceable! Then you find that you haven't got anything to replace it, and you end up dieing again!! Oh well who said this would be a fair fight!? Well after a while you go through forrested areas to deserts and caves and loot and slaughter those beasts from hell! It is great fun and even when you die (which is a lot), you want to come back for more, just to see what is awaiting your bold hero!

Now in terms of game play quite easy for a novice of the series to pick up and play. I say this because I am a novice and haven't found it hard to pick up and play. The installation of it again was easy. Put the disc in the tray and go through the setup and wait! Now one word of warning is please get the battle.net Authenticator! I didn't to start with and I got hacked!! From some stupid muppet in America! It messed my whole experience with this game and Starcraft 2! Had to try and contact Blizzard to sort out, which I can tell you is a painful experience! This said person had put an authenticator onto my account. Now I tried to install it on my phone and sync and get the code and input in! But my account by this time was knackered and I had to hunt for their number. Please get this and save yourself the agro of going through what I did! Safe to say once I got through to Blizzard they sorted it all out and now I have account protected with said Authenticator!!

 So as I said this is still an excellent game though slow down and hacking do frustrate at times. I personally feel that the game cannot be marked down just because of crazed fools trying to ruin it for everyone or the lack of server power on occassions from Blizzard! I haven't had a go with friends just been playing alone, and this will probably stay like that until I have finished the game by myself! I feel that you should play this game. It might not be for everyone but the graphics and sound are awesome and the characters themselves are straight forward to pick up and explore with around the huge world. There are  cons to the game, but the pluses far outweigh these!! A truely fantastic world awaits any brave sole that is fearless enough to tackle it!