Deus Ex 3
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I still remember the time I played through the first Deus Ex. At the time, I had no idea that it was a game that changed the entire course of gaming history, and to this day, it remains my fav.

So when I heard about Human Revolution, I'll admit, I was apprehensive. It's not easy, making a sequel to such an highly acclaimed game, but Square Enix proved everyone wrong..:)

Deus Ex Human Revolution puts you in the role of Adam Jensen, an Ex SWAT turned Private Security for Sarif Industries. According to the timeline, the game is set before the Original Deus Ex, starting in 2027

Right from the start, to the very end, this game will keep you hooked. It'll suck you into it's world of conspiracy, lies, and Jensen's own struggle with his Humanity after he gets augmented. You'll simply fall in love with the way the city hubs have been created, explore every back alley for quick access, and try to finish every side quest, because you wouldn't want Human Revolution to ever end

The gameplay, much like the original Deus Ex, gives you plenty of options.You can go all out badass gun totting shooter style or you could go Stealthy, nice and quiet like the legendary Solid Snake himself, or you could talk your way out of situations with a Silver Tongue

You'll literally think of which step to take next, the game just gives you that many options

The level design is top notch, and the story...that is a whole other level itself

One thing about the story is that, it could really happen to us in the David Sarif's own words "It's Evolution" The marketing team for the game released a few videos that can be watched on youtube, detailing how far we are into human augmentation.

And this is what makes Deus Ex special. It's so close and down to earth and so real it makes you feel that it is happening for real..

Overall, this game gets a 9.5 out of 10, .5 knocked due to technical problems like long loading times and sometimes save files being keep backing them up..:)

This is a strong GOTY contender, and a must have for any gamer...