Someone is asking me for help.

When i first saw this game i thought that this is just like other sword games with Not to much of exitement and special things. But when i saw the amount of discussions about the game on GD, I wondered, maybe its not just any other game and there is something special about it. So i decided to buy it. And it was definetly worth it.

The story revolves around you being Ezio and fight with other Assassins to liberate Rome from the Borgia power. The best thing i loved about the game is that you will not fight alone. There will be Assassins Brotherhood(whom you can recruit to your botherhood) which will help you in your missions. The combat style is also awesome and you can also perform assassination from above. The missons are also unique. This game also features Multiplayer mode which is also very cool. I also liked the part that you can  free roam anywhere in the city and just enjoy playing. You can also purchase new weapons, repair your armor, buy clothes and many more. I liked playing Desmond even though he doesn't appear too much in the game.  The best part is that this game can be played in low end gaming rig just like mine. And it will not lag. 

Thinking about the game i think it needed a little bit of much better story line. And as you play the game the combat becomes a little bit booring. But overall the game is just awesome.So the game is worth for the money you pay and low end PC gamers don't hesitate to buy this game. So Happy Gaming everyone :)

 A hidden blade to the throat