Aliens vs Predator
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So this review is all about Aliens vs Predator and its 3 campaigns. To start of I'd like to say that this game is great to play if your a fan of the AvP series or just want to play AvP.Alien vs Predator starts with Wayland Yutani opening a temple which then releases a strong force of wave, while Wayland was at the temple he has this lab which is holding xenos at bay after the release of the wave it made the xenos free and then they break-out then all hell breaks lose then they called the marlow a ship but little did they know the wave sent a message to the predators warning them so the predators come and spots the Marlow then they shot it down.So if your a marine you go clear out the infestation and investigate the marlow while if your a Alien you go loose hell on the place if your a predator you go kill them both.


Marine Campaign: For me the marine campaign is good you get to use the pulse rifle, smart gun, shotgun and the sniper rifle. I enjoyed the campaign but there are just some parts that i don't like, like if you shoot the xeno point blank (close range for those who don't know the meaning) with the shotgun you die, the part where you go toe-to-toe with the Predator if you shoot him point blank with the shotgun's alt fire (not sure if straight dead in nightmare mode)the predator dies that easily.

Alien Campaign: This is the campaign I enjoyed the most because you get to play as the alien called as "6".The things I don't like about playing the alien is that you die easily if you get hit with the shotgun up close (from what i remember), you easily get spotted if your not careful, lots of parts where you need to sneak in and out, aside from getting shot with a shotgun you really die easily.The part where you fight with the Predators, 2 rookie predators 1 elite, you get to team up with other xenos to take'em out, you wont kill the elite you will just harvest him.

Predator Campaign:This campaign was the hardest for me you need to be stealthy sometimes.While there are alot of equipments for the predator some are useless for me like the mines they don't do much damage they more like stun them for few seconds while the plasma cannon or the piece on the shoulder of the predator is some sort of weak for me you got to charge it for it to be stronger ( normal mode 1 hit kill hard mode 2 hits kill full charge), smart discs were some what hard to use, you have to aim it but is very strong and last is the spear the most powerful weapon which you will get near the end of the campaign sucks right.