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A game that changed First person shooter experience of all times! Yes, the Counter Strike 1.6 (aka C.S 1.6) which got its 25 Million Copies sold out till August 2011 (from 9th september 2003). this game was basically a modification of Half life (by Valve corporation) done by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe.

Counter Strike was one of the causes of Half Life's fame, due to Half Life's Engine (Valve game engine) in it. When it was launched, it made millions of gamers insane due to its fast play, teaming, Multiplayer (LAN Play), Low system Requirements (consumer magnet) and thats why its still the one of the most played game of all times!. Counter Strike's next versions like Counter Strike:Source, gave people more fun by fine and accurate gameplay with smoother graphics and more stable AI (Artificial Intelligence: A term used for Bots's mode of action and reasoning), Also the Counter Strike: Global Offensive which iss going to be the latest verion of counter strike series is expected to be another great "reSTARTING" of LAN play !

Many games came with the stretched idea of Counter strike gameplay, but nevertheless, Counter Strike is still rated as the World's number one online shooting game!