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Im sure everyone would like one of these in BF3

There was a dev chat with the development team behind Ravaged, a post apocalyptic vehicular first person shooter, in IRC. Immediately as I saw the broadcast about it, I jumped in.

Answering the questions were Mike, PHP programmer, Ken P, the lead programmer, and Carsten Boserup, games community manager, from 2 Dawn Games.

The chat was open to everyone so questions spanned from cupcakes to hugging. I weeded out the worst so here are the ones that might interest you.

Q: Is the focus of the game on vehicles and vehicular combat or is it a focus on onfoot shooting? Or both?
KenP: it depends on the map, some are very vehicle heavy and focus on them and other maps are infantry based w/ few vehicles

Q: Do you have a targeted released date?
Bosenup: The game is set for release in late August
TM's note: So that's confirmed then.

Q: Is the game (fully) free to play?
KenP: no, it's $24.99 and we'll have free dlc for at least 6 months
TM's note: There was talk about that DLC later on and then Boserup anwered "We aim at adding new (FREE) DLC every month, for 6 months after game release" so we have no idea which it's going to be.

Q: have the characters special skills or perks?
KenP: the characters, beside their weapon loadouts, do have different run, sprint and melee speeds, and also health

Q: Are you planning to develop Ravaged 2?
KenP: if it does well, then yes
TM's note: That goes without saying...

Q: Will Ravaged development team give extra love to people with low-end machines, such as creating low-polygon models and low-res textures, as well as "less-intimidating" particle effects?
Boserup: We are giving love to players with low end systems.
TM's note: Whatever that means...

Q: Any interesting features coming up?
Boserup: Yes a lot, Squad system, battlerecorder, Huge dumptruck.

Q: Game is really cheap, so will you add some micro-payment to the game? And how it influence to game balance?
Boserup: We dont have plans for that right now

Q: I noticed one of the big selling points is the huge open maps. How has your team handled viewing distances? Will a person with a better PC gain an advantage in having further rendering distance or will this be limited by the engine to even out the playing field?
KenP: not really, just your monitor's resolution, but not as far as draw distance. I've been using an 8800 800x600 w/o problems
TM's note: There it is again, the legendary 8800. So playing the game with the 8800 and 800x600 resolution is an achievement? So much for giving love to players with low-end systems...

Q: What kind of game engine / libraries did you use, e.g. for graphics, physics, networking?
KenP: we're using the unreal engine 3, most of that is built in, with novodex/physx for some physics

Q: Hey I don't really know much about Ravaged and been wondering - Will it be possible to mod the game or create new maps?
Boserup: We are going to add modtool later on. Right now our main focus in on the bugs and game features for the release. But we are old modders our selves

Q: Some of the core elements that made the battlefield franchise popular such as squad / vehical / team gameplay are expected in this game all though in a different environment. Can we expect a regular interval of updates / balance issues addressed by the community?
KenP: yes, we plan to make regular updates that address any issues/bugs and also new content

Q: Tell smth about your recent projects. I heard smth bout mods for Battlefield
Boserup: The devs worked on titles like Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat, Battlefield 2, Frontline fuel of war, Homefront PC

Q: What will the server hosting be like? Can anyone put up a dedicated server or will it go through you?
KenP: yes, we will provide dedicated server files

Q: Is the game online only or will there be offline play also?
Mike: its multiplayer only, we wanted to concentrate on the social aspects of gaming and eSports games should bring people together
TM's note: This answer confused me since later on Boserup answered similar question "We have LAN support. But you still have to login at steam. But you can play on a local server"

Q: how many weapons will be there? and will you be able to upgrade it, or not really?
KenP: we're still making weapons everyday so we don't have an official count. some will be pickups, but no plans for unlocks or upgrades. we want everyone on the same level

Q: Will the game be first person only or will players be able to switch to 3rd person camera when outside a vehicle?
KenP: infantry has 1p and 3p. vehicle weapons are 3p-ish limited to one mode, but other seats are 1p and 3p

Q: Will there be any admin friendly features in the game? Like ingame menu to kick/ban players, spectacting, admin slots etc?
KenP: yes, we'll have a full set of admin tools, global and local banlists, valve anti cheat (VAC) and additional cheat detection

Q: which game mode there will be?
Boserup: at game release there will be 2 game modes, thrust ( capture the points ) and Capture the Recourse ( modified version of Capture the flag )

Q: Will you feature any graphically intensivefeatures like, Ubersampling, MSAA in Ravaged?
KenP: yes, both :)
TM's note: The official requirements state that the recommended GPUs are GTX 260 and HD 4870. So those GPUs can handle UberSampling? :O

There you have it folks! Oh and don't mind the grammar or spelling mistakes in there, most of those questions weren't asked by me.

The Assassin class is looking mighty good...