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No legend is more powerful than war for fictitious figure this one - Rambo. Absolutely, a veteran of U.S. troops is indeed a legend after a Hollywood action epic charming. With military knives and arrows incredible, Rambo is known as a soldier "super" capable of killing enemy soldiers Platoon alone, either in open or guerrilla warfare. Therefore, not surprisingly, Rambo became one of the appropriate figure to be adapted into a video game. In fact, you probably will see this legend back this year, of course, through a series of new video game!

Rambo is no longer in the gaming industry. The last adaptation done to bring this war to a hero arcade machine with a decent shooting genre addictive arcade. Then what about this 2012 version? The publisher - Reef Entertainment does not provide any information about Rambo: The Video Game (2012), in addition to the genre that will be carried leaking. Reef called fixed-FPS perspective that will take gamers back to explore the adventures of the first three Rambo. You can enjoy the screenshot of the settings below to get a little picture.

Undeniably, a new Rambo game of course a game that deserves to be anticipated, especially for you who like action games. But for me personally, the selection of FPS genre back as a major genre admittedly a bit disappointing, considering the genre is also an option in the series arcadenya. Gamers who do not want the adventure of Rambo-style third person in the style of Gears of Wars or Uncharted?! That will be an awesome dream comes true!