Dead Island
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Ah dead island good trailer, good graphic ,great plot twist. Dead island, a well planned game they were right to make it game of the year. Ok lets get started on dead island you start of awakening from a party not knowing what happened you go out of your hotel room to see what is going on.After the prologue you get rescued by a group of survivors after you get attacked by an infected then pass out.

You again awaken to get you're first quest to get the lifeguard who is the leader of the group, after awhile you will climb a stairs which gives you a beautiful view of paradise...or maybe paradise in hell.So now we get to business so gameplay of this game is good its a level up based game, so when you level up you get to spend skill points based on your characters an Asian, former DJ,former football player and a private guard.This game is a free roam game you can explore the island in search of weapons (some weapons need high level to use). at someppoint your map gets glitchy by not showing the way of the quest or giving a longer route .After awhile you will encounter some special zombies like left 4 dead. these special zombies are the ff:

infected- fast, strong, but has low health, but be carful when you see a pack of these guys they can give a hell of a lot of damage if you get stuck or cornered.

thug- Slow,has knock-back,the best thing to do is either throw you weapons till he dies or attack then dodge fast remember they are slow you got the advantage

Floater-Slow,range/melee,difficult to kill, like the thug throw or attack then dodge,I advise to keep moving so you don't get hit.

Ram- charges, strong, can be hit only at the back, coordinate your attacks

butcher-very fast,very strong,located near the end of the game, best way to kill is to knock him down

suicider- explodes,high damage

This game is very enjoyable you can maximize you gameplay by playing with friends up to 4 players,Multiplayer is just amazing you get to play with friends, besides that you can make weapons by finding or doing quests to get blueprints to make special weapons like the electric machete,scythe, katana and many more to make and explore, besides machetes fireaxes,knifes,sledgehammers, baseball bats there are guns well only like 3 or 4 guns pistol,rifle,auto,shotgun.The story of the game was great you go to find out you are immune to the virus and go to a island that is a prison to help someone make a cure then deliver it to him but hen it turns out he only wants it for his own good.So good luck out there :)