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Hey guys its Roley again and this time i'm going to be reviewing Day Z, the astoundingly ambitous Mod for the ultra realistic ARMA 2.

Introduction = The Day Z Mod takes the ARMA 2 war sim and turns into an all out Zombie Survival Horror, fans of the early Resident Evil games and those that enjoy films like 28 Days and 28 Weeks later are really going to need to check this out. This is Hardcore survival where you will need to live off your surroundings and use anything and everything you can to survive the zombie apocalypse, heat, water and food all play a critical role in your survival.

Graphics = I've been playing this Mod at the highest settings and it looks great, from the line of visability through to the high level of detail in the towns and villages, visually this game reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R in terms of looks and overall level of detail. The animations are smooth and realistic whether you're crawling around in the dark or running for your life through the local medical centre, the only let down is the zombies which can seem a little strange from time to time as they attack although i'm hoping this will be sorted in later patches.

Sound = The zombies create real tension as they gargle and whimper in the distance, and as they draw nearer and the noises get louder, your nerves WILL get the better of you and you'll panic, you'll rush to get into cover and then you're spotted.......... SCREAMING and WAILING the zombies will come sprinting at you. The atmoshpere that this game can create thanks to the sounds and the haunting music is brilliant and will keep you on the edge, better still with this been a Mod for a Military sim the weapons sound great too, even the realistic crack and thud as rounds pass when you're been engaged from other players is present within the Mod.

Gameplay = This is where the Mod really shines and in a word ..... REALISM, this is a survival horror and the way this Mod implements survival mechanics is key to why it's so good. There're 6 guages to be aware of,

Sight - Your visbility to those around you, luckily you can crouch and crawl to give yourself maximum cover from the surrounding hoard and if you are lucky you can even find a sniper's gillie suit for optimal stealth.

Noise - Run around blasting AK rounds and the hoard will be all over you in seconds, keep noise to a minimum and creep around rather than full sprint, failing that you can always find weapons with surpressors attached.

Heat - If its raining and you're out at night then there's a chance you could go into shock from over exposure to the elements, get indoors or start a fire to get your temperature back up.

Water - You need fluids so look for Cola or Pepsi, even better find a refillable water bottle and use wells and pumps to avoid dehydration.

Blood - Your health and the hardest to restore, lose blood and you'll need a blood pack and the aid of another player to give you a blood tranfusion.

Food - You can't fight a zombie apocalypse on an empty stomach so get some noodle or sardines, even better kill some wildlife, cook on an open fire in the woods and have some freshly cooked meat (restores blood too).

Another major factor within this mod to consider is once you're dead you're DEAD, no restarts just back to the start, you lose everything and begin with just a torch and a bandage again and this is why you need to take your time within this Mod, other players may and more likely will attempt to kill you for your goods so to form an alliance is paramount to your survival.

What really scared me was the fact that i ALWAYS attempted to work with other players until i seen someone with a sniper rifle, out with my morals and straight for the kill i went and it's great that a game can make me be so greedy and envious of other players so quickly.

Conclusion = This Mod is not without it's problems, glitches and bugs do exist within this Mod but it is in it's Alpha stage and patches are still been released to rectify these problems and more importantly with news of a potential release i will definitely be buying that, this game has given me great adventures, quad biking across fields while zombies give chase, helping to repair buses and other vehicles, me and another player escaping a village to the local woods to sit by a fire eating our freshly caught deer,riding a bicycle through local towns, witnessing other players been killed but not helping because i want to rob their corpse, ambushing other players with a synchronised shoot, been chased by an axe wielding maniac for absolutely no reason what so ever and many more.

There's so much in this game and i'm sure the developers of this Mod will be adding more, the funny thing is that this feels like the game and ARMA 2 feels like the expansion and that alone is an achievement in itself.