Two heroes working together in perfect harmony

My two favourite things as a child outside of video games were Lego and Batman. So when I see games like Lego Batman 2: DC superheroes my inner child wants nothing more than to play the game. So it was only felt right for me to write down my feelings.

Lego Batman 2 is first off absolutely mad, both in story and execution. There are so many things you’ll want to try and do and there are certainly many things you’ll love. That being said there are some small issues and interesting points I need to make regarding controls and voicing.

So the story for those who don’t know is based on a mad situation in which somehow Lex Luthor loses to Bruce Wayne in a man of the year competition. However The Joker and crew drop by just as Bruce is picking up his trophy to cause complete mayhem. Concerned and bitter Lex decided to team up with Arkham’s worst maniacs in order to assure that he succeeds in his presidential campaign. That then leads to all sorts of crazy antics and its down to Batman and friends to ultimately save the world.

Now creating story isn’t something Lego games are familiar with, most of the titles in the series rely on already created stories and just add the brilliant Lego formula to it. The Lego Batman titles however have their own stories and I have to say, Lego Batman 2’s is written well. The story has light moments and a couple of wow moments. The voice acting that is new to the genre is not only well done but adds a nice touch and a sense of authenticity to the game.

Gameplay: The general gameplay is solid, fans of previous Lego games will instantly recognise what needs to be done but with that said the game is still challenging. There were times where I felt the game could have explained what needs to happen in order for you to progress a little better as I spent a lot of time wondering what I needed to do only to find that a small glistening hidden away was the answer to all of my woes.

There are plenty of ways the game can mix up the levels so things don’t become stale. And there is a focus on getting all of your superheroes to work together to complete the levels. So you won’t find yourself sticking to one character and leaving the others by the wayside. On a quick note relating to characters the trade-offs between them are great. Early on in the game The Joker comes out with I quote “Batlame and slobin” and for some reason our brick-based Dark Knight has a strong disliking for the goody two shoes Superman. I think jealously may be afoot!

Visually this game is absolutely stunning. I always wonder ‘How good can they make lego look?’ It turns out the answer is extremely good. The levels look awesome with beautiful lighting and Gotham city itself is almost jaw dropping with the dark gloomy city and the bright skyline contrast amazingly creating an incredible setting. Using the characters that can fly to get a view of the City with the Sun setting in the distance is a screenshot that is almost desktop background worthy.

Sound in the game is also solid, although there isn’t anything truly amazing about it in terms of advancing sound design the game has many cool superheroes and hearing the various themes throughout the game makes you smile every last time. I still remember hearing the Superman theme being blasted into my ears the first time he shows up. It just adds that great moment like you see in the TV shows where the hero comes to save the day.

Now looking at the voice acting, I mentioned earlier that although it adds a level of authenticity to the game. Well that comes with a condition I guess. Personally I’ve always found voice acting in superhero land to be some of the worst in history. And that is possibly true here. I love the fact the characters have voices but I think it works so well because the voice overs are rather bad.

The Controls in the game are efficient but there are many moments where it seems the game isn’t sure what you are asking it to do which can at times feel a little clumsy. The flying controls in the game are solid and done on two ‘levels’ when free roaming in Gotham you control the flying characters by moving a cursor around the screen that allows you to fine tune where exactly you want to go. When in levels you simply control the character in the traditional way. Vehicle controls also tend to blow hot and cold with some being really nice to mess around in and others seem like their steering was designed at five minutes to five on a Friday afternoon.

All in all I think Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes is a great game with a lot to do and some really fun and crazy moments. Although the controls are somewhat hinder gameplay at times the moment to moment experience is an altogether fun and entertaining experience. Amazing graphics and amusing voice acting make the game a pleasure on the senses. I could keep praising the game but I think the best way to say it is go and buy it now. You won’t regret it!

Loving the Skyscape and dramatic feel