Company of Heroes
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Its a bit messy down there, dont you think?

6 years has past since the original title of this game released, but until this day I installed this game again and i still getting fun to play this game. and when the sequel of this game released i would like to compare it with its prequel.

Company of Heroes series offer you unique RTS experience that available that year, keep in mind that Relic games used essence engine in this game, that are able to feature destructible enviroment that  pretty realistsic, from destroyed building, trees, barbared wire  until a destroyed king tiger. The game effect was marvelous even the explosion were realistsic it was like we are the field commander commanding our troops, we can also adjust our view angle to see the epic battle, and with the variety of troops that are available, we can even change the battefield surface with powerfull armament such as V1 rockets, Nebelwerfer and 105mm howitzer.

The AI of this game were not dumb as most RTS do the AI were pretty smart fighting in the battlefield, for example: an infantry get bombarded with mortar and the explosion can decapitate their body or just blow them and they can cope the condition by finding cover. smart! the cover can be everything, sandbags, building, and wrecks. And if their cover destroyed they able to find other cover, it's just like we can defeat many wave of enemy with this cover system mechanics.

Doctrines are vital in this game, there were 3 doctrine in every nation.the Wehrmcht had Defensive doctrines, Terror doctrines, and Blitzkrieg doctrines. and the US had Infantry, Airborne and Armor Doctrines can be important to us, because by choosing it the different unit that available. the doctrine i liked most were defensive doctrine, every territory that captured i will make it like a fort to defeat any counter attack, especially with stationary 88mm AT/AA gun batteries. but sometimes i used Terror doctirine. its uses many ability to tackle enemy morale and it's V1 rockets were very devastating in the battlefield the explosion can destroy or heavily damaged enemy units and building. I mostly used Wehrmacht because i liked Germans war machines, they're huge, strong and pack-a-punch.

6 years and no expansion? It had an expansion: Opposing fronts and Tales Of Valor, but why waste money for just 1-3 campaign? so i search for any Company Of Heroes mod and i found nice mod that not not adding new campaign but adding skirmish map and unit the mod are really great! adding more vehicle, tanks, HD texture and more! you can search it in google if you like, it's called Blitzkrieg Mod, Eastern front Mod and other CoH mods are available in internet, for free of course

You can always finding new fun with old games using mods, and hoping the next sequel will be great as well!

Armors are good to go!