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Found my way out.

Starts of with a black screen with some text, all you hear are footsteps then your touch kicks in and you're surrounded by tress and fog, the torch you have only lets you see a bit in front of you. 

After a bit of walking I hear what sounds like twig breaking.... I instantly stop....5 seconds pass nothing....10 seconds still no noise, must have been my mind playing tricks on me, Slender will do that to you. After finding the first page, a faint sound starts to play OK I can deal with that nothing to scary, after walking a bit I find the second page. No new sound but my screen starts to go all staticy.... WTF I turn round...... BAD IDEA quickly turn around turn off my torch hoping that will help me to get away from what ever that thing was in the distance.

Deep down I know it's still following me and I might as well turn my torch on again; I soon find the third page the sounds change they get louder... then.. *skype message*.... I SHOUT SON OF A ****. I go to change my underwear. When I get back I find my screen going static again...This time I'm to late what ever followed my caught up to me. Time to change my underwear again. 

I try to play the game again but I'm still to freaked out from what every that thing was. 


Overall this game is one of the best horror games I've played and the games looks really good on "beautiful" settings. The game can be ran on nearly any PC so don't worry and thank the Unity engine.

I hope Im dreaming right now?