Battlefield 4
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The military shooter gamer fans today may still persist with the FPS game from EA and DICE phenomenal, released late last year - Battlefield 3. Unlike the other FPS games ever sunk level with the old release, Battlefield 3 would appear more attractive to the Expansion Pack that offers a variety of multiplayer experience more intense and the adrenaline pumping. Woke up with a good momentum are also likely to try to be utilized by the EA and DICE. They are already preparing for the fourth Battlefield 2013. The question now, what kind of concept will be carried in it?

It would be a rather crucial question, given EA and DICE did not share any information related to the series to be released next year. After waiting long enough, DICE finally divulge some information for this 4 Battlefield. In contrast to its competitors - Ghost Recon and COD that takes place in a future war, DICE confirms to keep the setting of the present war for the Battlefield 4. This was disclosed by DICE own GM - Karl Magnus Troedsson acknowledged that setting such that it will be better able to define a series Battlefield. He also did not rule out the possibility that the series Bad Company also will attend in the future.

In the meantime, there are only two that we can get details about the fourth series of this: Visualize a better and modern war setting. Is this enough to make you interested in waiting and anticipating the presence of 4 Battlefield? DICE, we want more information! And I'm still waiting for my Battlefield 2143!