Crysis 3
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This is what you call 2012 Technology

Crysis series by Crytek has always been filled with demanding eye popping visuals with a support from the CryEngine. just as it's demanding, it tests hard wares maximum graphics capabilities, specially higher-end computers. Crytek has reworked on the engine from the Crysis 2 and used it on Crysis 3.
They've managed to add pretty surprising graphical techniques to improve the Crysis 3.

It's 2024, 24 years after the Crysis 2 has ended. The New York City Liberty Dome has now become a rain
forest with many trees, and swamplands. Interior side of the the Liberty Dome is now known as the 'Seven Wonders'. You get to play as Prophet, who returns to New York after he finds that the city is covered with a Nanodome created by the Cell Corporation, also known as 'CryNet Enforcement & Local Logistics'. He is on his revenge mission of uncovering the real truth behind this Nanodome. Citizens on the town were advised to the giant structures were build for keeping the population safe from Cephs, alien creatures that are antagonistic against humans. But as a matter of fact, this Nanodome was actually created as a disguise to help Cells to take over the city. Basically, this Nanodome is used for multi purposes.

As I was mentioning above, Crysis 3 features many varieties of graphical effects and features with the
support from the reworked CryEngine 3. CryTek has released a new trailer detailing many of the new
graphical capabilities that are going to be added in to it like Real-time volumetric cloud shadows,
pixel accurate displacement mapping, tessellated vegetation, tessellated clothes, and many more including the top secret tessellated toad technology. From what we see, highest-end PCs could use most out of Crysis 3 from the graphical region. In addition you'll find that Crytek has used the foresty surroundings as an effective way of demonstrating these new graphical touches. I think Crysis 3 could use DirectX11 in an really effective way, without any doubt.

Anyway, Crytek has recently revealed a Interactive Demo trailer for Crysis 3 featuring first mission on the Crysis 3. It starts off by choosing your style, that you wish to continue playing the game as. There are two different play styles that you can play the game as; Armor and Cloak. Armor type style is for anyone
who wish to continue the game in aloud mode, in other words shooting at enemy without any plans or no nothing!. Cloak type style is for anyone who wish to continue the game by silently, and calmly
infiltrating your objectives. After choosing the mode, you can start run in to your enemy and shooting
at them or slowly mark your targets and taking them out one by one, it basically depend your primary
weapons upon your style. As the weapons, your primary weapon is the bow, that we're told as the the
'ultimate in zero observability' and as the secondary weapon, we've a hand pistol named, 'Majestic-Six'
going along with few grenades.

As for the multiplayer section of the game, there is going to be a new game mode named 'Hunter' mode,
Crytek revealed during the Gamescom. On this game mode, you get to play as a player on either Hunter
team or the C.E.L.L. team. This mode supports up to 16 players at a time, and a large amount of players are in the C.E.L.L. team while Hunter team has only few players. At the start of a match, C.E.L.L. team can have up to 14 players while Hunter team only has 2, which is going to be challenging for the hunter team, but with their high-tech nano-suits they still should be able to win. The objective of the game is hunters have to take down all the players on the C.E.L.L. team before the timer runs out. Each C.E.L.L. player that is being killed by the Hunter Team will be spawned as a Hunter, immediately. From what we see, 'Hunter' mode is almost very much a like the 'Behind The Enemy Lines' multiplayer game mode in the Call of Duty 1.

At this moment, Crysis 3 seems to be having resplendent visuals going along with a tantalizing story, which makes the whole game very glamorous. From what I think, Crysis 3 will be at the top 10 games of this year without any doubt, specially with the top secret tessellated touched toad tech. But, We assume that Crytek has much more content to add to the game while it's being released on February 2013.

With this technology, no doubt this game will get so popular.