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No Potions??????

Diablo II – Lord of Destruction is an expansion pack for the role-playing simulation type game Diablo II which is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. In the expansion Diablo II is continued from the place the original game was finished. After killing Diablo Tyrael gives you a portal to ACT V where the game is continued saying that the player must kill the last prime evil, the Lord of Destruction, Baal. In this journey the player finds 6 new quests and many other features as well as 2 new characters.


With really awesome gameplay, this game can easily beat all other RPG games in the world. When travelling through places you will feel like you are really there. Hardcore characters, Difficulty choices make it even more fun to play the game. The on-screen menus have been improved a thousand times for better gameplay. What I felt for this game was like this – When I was going to kill The Butcher in Diablo I felt nothing and headed straight to his room; when I was going to kill Baal it was like I will surely die here (I almost forgot that it was a game).


Amazon: The worst character of the game. Does nothing but throws some bolts and arrows, javelins and whatsoever. It makes no sense using this character.

Assassin: The character who can kill anyone in notime if she has a shadow master and a paladin bodyguard (ACT II Hireable Mercenary/NPC). If this is strategy is used no one can stop the player from winning the game. If this strategy is not used then the player is the 3rd weakest character in the game.

Barbarian: The best character for the game. I completed the game using this one. When its close-quarter-combat nothing is as good as the Barbarian. Skills like Bash or Berserk gives the Barbarian an extra amount of fun. Skills like Natural Resistance, Iron Skin, Increased Run/Walk Speed, Increased Stamina, and Weapon Masteries makes Barbarian the best.

Druid: Now the peculiar looking Druid. Summoning some snakes and crows and transforming into a Werewolf won’t help. But the Bear thing really helps killing bosses. Good luck with the character if you are using this one.

Necromancer: A poor choice. Summoning some stupid skeletons won’t make you win the game.

Paladin: With loads of resistance and auras, this character can defeat bosses in no time.

Sorceress: A good choice for mad people. Sorceress can do nothing but throw some fireballs which are nothing if you fight against the bosses. When its close-quarter-combat she can die within a few seconds. Just like the Amazon it makes no sense using this character.


The expansion version comes with an 800x600 resolution option which makes the game a little more playable than the original game which only had a resolution of 640x480 but still the game has a minus point in the graphics area.


Although Diablo II – Lord of Destruction has a good story but the story is too big and some people might get bored playing the game, but I wasn’t bored of and loved the game very much.


This game has everything needed by a simulation game and by a gamer’s heart. I would recommend this game to everyone who thinks they are real gamers. The game has a cool gameplay, good character choices, great sound effects and a big map; so my scores for the game are –


GAMEPLAY – 10/10



STORY – 10/10

OVERALL – 10/10