Blade and Soul
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BnS Environment. Isnt this making competition with crysis? :)

    I don't know where to begin from in this preview.This game has amazed me, from the first second of gameplay!Well, this is supposed to be a serious game review, so lets go over my personal opinions and talk about the game's features.

   First of all, BnS is a fantasy martial arts MMORPG!.Yeah, you heard me!A fantasy martial arts MMORPG.Don't start to think about that this game is gonna be a huge disappointment.I know many MMO addicted have just sticked with one or two well made games of this genre because the rest of them were released only for the reason to be released and make some profit, but believe me, this game is UNIQUE.

    Down here are written some of the game's features that have made me to create this article


     BnS consists of 4 playable races, humanoid species called the Jin, the monstrous sized Gon, the animal-like Lyn, and an exclusively female race called the Kun.As for the classes, there are curently only 6 playable classes  in the korean server:Blade Master, Assassin, Kung-Fu Master, Force Master, Summoner and Destroyer.Wath impressed me so much about this is the fact that the character creation is so detailed that it will take you an half an hour of gameplay to finish creating your own char.If you want to know more about this feature, just go and search on youtube.


     The graphics of this game are absolutely astonishing, i couldn't believe that this is an MMORPG, every detail of the backround didn't seem to be made in a hurry.Unfortunately, if you don't have a good pc, then you can say bye bye to this game because it requires a good graphic card..


      Did you think that the astonishing graphics and the character creation is the only special thing at this game?Then you're wrong because BnS comes with a large variety of epic skills, even at the lowest level.Seriously , when I've got the newbie skills, they gave me the impression that they were supposed to be available in other MMO at least at an intermediate player's level, not a newbie's one.So think just how the most epic skills would look like when you'll get them.

     Quest storyline

     The quest storyline of any MMORPG can be easily forgotten by a MMO player, but this is not the case of BnS.The developers team came with the idea to fill in plenty of quests with dramatic videos that leaved me the impression that I'm really a part of the game.(well this is not an original idea,WOW has offered me the same experience)

    Combat system

      Well, here the opinions differ a liltle bit.For the pro MMO, a dream has come true and for those who spend at least 100$ on items every month it's a completely nightmare.The combat system on BnS is a world premiere because in a PVP the win is 80% granted by the player's skills and 20% by his gear.The question is how the developers of the game managed this?The answer is simple.. they have just replaced the typical expensive gears with a weapon, some accesories and an outfit wich, if u fill it with with the right Bo Pae artifacts, it will make your gameplay style one of the deadliest one.

     Runing like Naruto

       Yeah :) that sounds fun, and it really is.When you go out and explore the world of BnS, you will realise that you can move realy fast and you can also fly.And that's not all...Recently, the developers have created a new patch for this game called Qing Gong Moves.With this amazing update, players can run on walls just like the badass Naruto.

       With all those things being said, i can say that Blade&Soul has changed the definition of a MMORPG with all the new features that it has to show, and i recommend this game for everyone who wants to take this genre to the next level.

Edit:Special thanks to atomix blade&soul private server developers for letting ppl playng for free this game!

Yeah :) ,Its a violent game.But anw, the players skill matters, not his gear.