FIFA 2012
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Probably one of the best! )


             This is gAmeR77i review of FIFA 12.

FIFA 12,probably the best award winning game in the fifa franchise.This game has been introduced with nearly every single quality of every single fifa franchise and innovations that the game builds upon.

FIFA 12 includes every single quality of previous FIFA games that builds up together and make a realistic soccer game that every FIFA fan wants.Basically FIFA 12 is the best soccer simulation for now.

And the main thing what makes the game more playable is its gameplay and controls so lets talk a little bit about it.FIFA 12's skilled dribbling has been improved too much which is commendable and the best thing about it is that it allows for 360 degree execution of skill moves.

GRAPHICS:-The graphics are not great but they are good enough to make the FIFA fans exciting.

MULTIPLAYER:-The multiplayer will make every one to come back for more.11 on 11 matches online are just great and exciting and entertaining.The game is best to play online with your friends.But the be a pro mode will be a dissapointing point because of exclusion of that mode.However the game is must buy for the soccer fans out there.Overall,FIFA 12 is probably the best sports soccer game in the market and also the best selling soccer game worldwide.