Aliens vs Predator
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This moments scare the shit out off anyone.

Waiting until it installs.OK done.Starting the game,making some tweaks and we are good to go.The marine intro rocks and then i wake up in a god forsaken garage.The atmosphere can make you jump sometimes but it wont scare the crap out of you.Doing a little quest for a women and then my radar starts making noises.Man,I was for something to jump on me but nope.Then i go to open a broken door and BOOM,a freaking huge alien poops right in my face.It looked awesome but my heart stoped for a few seconds.Then i go to meet that women.Everything ok and then i go to some sort of club.That place can freak you if you are not good with the fast moving aliens.

The GRAPHICS are awesome in some parts.The details and the ilumination is made very greatly.Let's not forget that many GPU's are tested using AVP's directx 11.I enjoyed all details,especially when you are with the predator.It has a few minor bugs but you wont really notice it.

The GAMEPLAY is divided into 3 stories and a survival mode.The stories very great,especially when you play the with the predator.I love that guy hehe.The missions take place in the same environment but they differ a little.I loved it and now the survival mode.It is quite easy to understand what it means but i didn't really play the survival much.Kinda boring if you ask me.

The MULTIPLAYER is almost dead,or it is dead maybe.Didn't have good internet speed to play but a friend told me there aren't many servers.I am sure it must be nice,maybe because everyone can fight on which side he wants i think.

I loved this game and i play it ocassionaly.If you enjoyed the movies and the other games,then i would reccomend this only because it can give you a good felling for all the 3 types off characters you will use.Especially since you can kill anything how you want ^_^

This poor guy lives his last 3-4 seconds.