Assassins Creed
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     I recently started to get more into PC gaming and decided to pick up a copy of this game due to the popularity it had on consoles. A few years behind, I know, but it was cheap and had great reviews. First impressions were great, the graphics were great, forr coming out when it did, and I had no problems running it smoothly on my laptop. I never officialy checked the fps but it ran smooth. The story was interesting but sort of drawn out. After the third mission you get the feeling that you have seen this all before and by the ninth, its ike constant de ja vu. Sure the enemies get slightly tougher and more numerous, but once you get down the simple counter and attack, it becomes no problem to take on 20-30 soldiers at one time.

     Probably the greatest part is the open world design which is the reason it was as popular as it was when it came out. You have total control over when you do which mission and I liked the fact that you did not have to complete every single challenge to continue on with the story. The game honestly took me three times longer than it should have to complete because I would play for two hours, never completing a challenge. Instead I just ran around the city, did some parkour, then maybe threw some knives at soldiers. I loved that, the fact that you could just play casually if you wanted to.

     Overall, I would give this game a good rating. It was inexpensive because it is older now, but that doesn't mean it is not good. I would say, at least in my book, it competes well with some more recent games. The grapics are good and the story was interesting though predictable. However, the best part was the open world design. I am looking forward to getting my copy of the latest game in the Assassin's Creed series.