Modern Warfare 3
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This is MW3.

One of the best games by call of duty modern warfare series. MW3 had awesome game play story better than a movie, cool guns, a better multiplayer game play and a lot of good things. Price is the hero of MW series in MW1 every body liked that mission most in which players plays as Price and on a mission along with Captain Mc.millan. The death of Captain Price's companions that is "Soap" which was along with captain Price since the first MW made it more interesting, Yuri, Sandman etc. The ending was really very cool when captain Price fasten a rope in the villian "Makrov" neck and threw him through roof top, and then lighten his favourtie Cigar, and got relaxed by taking revenge of his companions from Makarov. MW3 offers 4 different difficulties to play according to gaming skills of player.  All the dialogues were very good, with superb ending. More that shooters collection of MW3 adds more twist. 

Hero of MW series.