Far Cry 2
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as many things as there are to do in this game, after a very short period they lose their charm and become repetitive.  there is ver little replay value as all ccharacter follw basically the same path.  the driving feels boring and lifeless in all vehicals.  the ai even becomes repetitive, and is easily outsmarted on any dificulty.  as for graphics they are top notch, the game feels realistic in many aspects, such as the bush fires.  even by current standards i give it a 7/10, it loses its value as far as creativity goes.  gta for example has customisation and non-boring, non-repetitive side mission, however in this game after the 1st side missions they are all the same. i liked the way you could hel yourself, very inventive, and a very wide, but very boring map gave this game both pros and cons.