Spec Ops: The Line
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Gentlemen Welcome to Dubai!

Spec Ops: The Line is a third person shooter game from 2K games. First to start with the story of this game, the story is awesome. It has a mature and wonderful story.

The story revolves around you as you play the character named Captain Martin Walker. You will be accompanied by Adams and Lugo who are your teammates. You and your teammates come to Dubai in search of Survivors. Once the playground for world's wealthiest elite, Dubai has fallen victim to a series of sand stroms. As you search for survivors, you have to make your desicions between what's moral and necessary. As you play the game the unpredictable story line makes the game wonderful and memorable. 

Gameplay: The gameplay of the game is also cool. The team based strategic combat allows the gameplay to shine. You can command your teamates to take down an enemy. You can also take cover behind walls etc. The only thing is that ammo is scarce in Dubai and you will have to make your bullets count. otherwise you should keep changing the guns. In the game your teammates will always be with you to help you,which makes the combat easier. The amazing story keeps you entertained at all times, so you will not get bored of playing the game. Like all other modern games the campaign is short but great.(Finished the game within a day) You will also be able to choose your own endings in the game which is cool.

Graphics: The graphics are awesome in the game. Especially the environment in which you play the game. Even though most of the game takes place outdoors(desert) the environment is well designed. The detail and textures in the game are awesome. Especially the details of dead bodies. 

Multiplayer: I am not a big fan of multlplayer, but multiplayer is fun. You play types of matches in multiplayer. But the multiplayer is not as good as in games like Battlefield 3 and COD MW3 and other games. But you can play it for fun if you are done with the campaign.

Overall the game is just superb. The strength of the game lies in the Story. This is the best third person shooter game i have ever played. It's totally worth the money you pay. You will enjoy every bit of the game. Happy Gaming.

The graphics are detailed