Darksiders 2
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Whoever said Death is something to fear?  Darksiders 2 features the Horsemen of the Apocalypse as the main character, who will find himself on the middle of a messed up problem between Heaven, Hell and Earth, caused by his brother War. 

The game is set on the most remote corners of this world, and beyond. The size of the world is just huge, along with his loyal steed Despair, Death will travel to the very end of the world to redeem his brother.

The game has strong RPG elements. When I got my first gear, I couldn't help but imagine the countless hours I would be spending my time playing the game, finding better loot and comparing its status to see what will fit my preferences better. Whether the player is more into using magic to defeat your foes, or using the blunt force of a badass hamer to crush anyone who stands on your way, there's a gameplay style for every taste. The loot system is incredible, there are many types of gear on the game, from Body Armors and Boots to satisfy your warrior style, to Talismans and Gloves to improve your arcane resistance and strenght. There are three types of weapons that vary from heavy glaives, maces and axes, to easily concealed combat gauntlets, claws and buclers. Death's main weapon are his twin Schytes, which are incredibly fast and deliver good damage to make your way through any adversity he might encounter on his journey.

From the very start of the game I could see many differences from the first Darksiders, most of them improvements fortunately. Death's fight style is much more agile, this time around the player get the chance to perform dodges and jumps. It's always nice to play a game with a fresh gameplay, at least different from the previous installment. The lock-on system is very nice, it lets Death fully focus on one enemy, allowing him to fight more fluidly against one stronger foe, although this is more efficient when fighting bosses and minibosses. While fighting large groups of enemies, focusing on a single enemy is not so recommended, since it will leave Death unguarded for further atacks from other enemies.

Death wil also get to use a gun, although it's not the strong side of the game, since it's not the stronger weapon he will have at his disposal. Redemption, the gun originally owned by his brother Strife, another horseman, will instead be of great use while solving puzzles, and fighting flying enemies. The player will not find ammo for Redemption, instead the gun will eventually replenish its own ammunition.

There is a new cool feature which is an extremely rare gear called Possessed Weapons. The mechanic of these weapons consists on feeding other gear to the Weapons to increase its status and even grant them other new characteristics like Health per Hit and Elemental Damage. Possessed Weapons have 5 gauges or levels, and each gear you sacrifice to the weapon will start filling a bar, in order to level up the weapon. Each level upgraded will give increase the weapon's status and grant one new status to the weapon, depending on what kind of gear you sacrificed for the weapon to level up. The player is given the chance to choose what kind of new status they want to be granted to the Possessed Weapon, and customize it to suit each person's style.

Death has two skill trees which will allow the player to choose the style of combat he/she will be using to support the weapon fight. The skill trees; Nechromancer tree and Harbinger tree consist on 17 and 16 different skills respectively, each one upgradable up to three levels for improved effects.

The graphics on this game are more like a comic-book style, which I personally like even though many people might have complaints about that. I heard it has some screen tearing issues, but it never happened to me, I always have V-Sync on. There are no in-game graphic options, so the settings must be forced through Catalyst Control Center or nVidia Control Panel. 

The game has the most epic boss fights I've seen in a video game, you get to fight from a gargantuan rock golem to a ghostly eel-like monster. I enjoy so much the boss fights, they are really challenging and put me to use every spell and power I can to emerge victorious. 

The game relies strongly on puzzle elements that will put the player's brain to work. I tried to finish a side quest mission which consists on a Maze, but I ended up exiting it and continuing the main plot, though I will be back there and finish it some time. Many dungeons might get the player frustrated, but the satisfaction I get when I end up a puzzle level is definitely worht it, not to mention the final reward and gear.

To aid Death on his journey, his ever serving crow, Dust, will guide him through the Darksiders world and show the right way if on any moment the player get stuck inside a dungeon. I find this feature really cool, I however don't really abuse of it, only at times when I really can't find the exit of certain dungeon, but still this won't solve any problems you might have while solving puzzles, so you really have to get the answer yourself.

The size of the map, as I previously mentioned is really huge, fortunately you get to use Death's horse, Despair from the very beginning of the game. It's important to note that Despair will not be available to use while inside a dungeon or on certain parts of the game, since you can't really ride a horse on every place you are at. 

Darksiders also features a Fast Travel mechanic, which is really helpful if you are in a hurry to get to some place of the world. If at any moment during a dungeon raid you feel like selling gear you found or your inventory is full and you want to make space, you can always fast travel to any Merchant's location and buy/sell whatever you want, and you will be able to return afterwards to the same point inside the dungeon you were before taking off.

The game has strong combos, it's not just click-smashing, so combo lovers will love this game. You can strike with the fast Schytes and inmediately do a cross over with a powerful Hammer, devastating your enemies, and then you can switch back to schytes and keep the combo going. You can purchase different combat moves as well,  such as doing a tremor by rapidly pounding the floor with your gauntlets,  or use a counter atack with the bucklers. There are many weapon types on the game, hence a countless amount of possible combos to connect.

The game lets you come back for a new game plus after you beat the story, in case you missed anything, which is very likely, due to the enormous ammount of collectibles, treasures and other goodies.

Overall, this game is really what I expected to play after the first Darksiders, it's got a compelling story, strong characters level design and an amazing combat system. Puzzle lovers will like it. Story lovers will likeit. I might sound a little too enthusiastic, but I love the Darksiders franchise and I would love a Darksiders 3 if it were to happen.