Sleeping Dogs
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Sleeping dogs

I was waiting for the game since 2008, pretty long wait till 2012.  Sleeping Dogs at first announced as True Crime: Hong kong , a sequel to True Crime series but was canceled byActivisionin 2011 due to its  highdevelopementbudget and delays. Six months later, it was announced that Square Enix had picked up the publishing rights to the game but at that time it got a new name called as " Sleeping Dogs".

"Sleeping Dogs" is played in the traditional over-the-shoulder view of similar sandbox games such as "Grand Theft Auto" and "Saints Row." While I could stoop to calling this a "GTA" clone - the similarities are legion - the fluid combat, a few nice touches in the shooting mechanic and the exotic locale help it stand out quite a bit.

This is how I knew "Sleeping Dogs" wasn't just another open-world game: It was raining, and I had driven all over Hong Kong, tracking down a hostess whom I had been dating. A Triad friend tipped me off that she was cheating on me. After seeing her in the act, I had to confront her.

That's what the mission prompt said.

Usually, this doesn't happen in these type of games. Women are often throwaway characters. Dating them doesn't mean anything other than a power-up or perk. But when an unfaithful girlfriend accuses my character, Wei Shen, of being a cheater himself and calls him on it, that's something new.

As far as the "Open World" theam i love to drive all the fast cars and bikes through out hong kong , and the massage parlor "ummm......" to reduce your tension after completing missions . But the game looks soo old because it is . And lacks of "Polish" in several parts of the game .In comparison to lattest games its looks and graphic lacks a bit . But open world game lover would love it for its open world theam and the new martial arts style combact. And you will unlock more fighting skills as u progress through the mission and game.

But its shooting mechanism is a bit complicated , and the cops point is also complicated , as compare to the true crime series its complicated.

In conclusion- I would advice all to grab it at play till GTA V realease. Its cool , fun with its story line and martial arts combact and fast cars and massage parlors. Play it and clean and revel the Hong Kong.

Happy Gaming :).... Play It Hard




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