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Hello everyone, this article will get you closer to the game Unreal Tournament 99.
This fantastic game and any pc can run this game so I think everyone should try to play, more information: many people say´s "this game has no graphics" and "this game only has bugs", this game was made in 1999  not be surprised, but do not give a useless commentary about this game before you not have tried
More about this game, has no history and as the name indicates is a tournament where you can win trophies in many mods: Assault / Capture the Flag / Domination / Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch / Last Man Standing; think are the only ones in which each mode game has several maps all made for just that way!
Many thanks and ask me for more information!
Your friend Grille

Ps: this is my first article don´t be so hard XD

Face My Ultimate map where i win every time XD