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Be afraid, be very afraid...

There was another devchat in IRC and the game in question this time was Wrack, an upcoming arcade-style cel-shaded FPS. Once again the chat was open to anyone.

Answering the questions was the lead developer, Brad Carney. We jumped into the chat to get some answers about the game. Here are the questions and answers we thought were important.

Q: "MODDING - Create your own levels with the level editor, WrackEd, or create full-scale mods!" - Does it mean that we can create own objects, guns etc. for our maps too?
A: Yes, With modding, you can modify anything you want.

Q: what's the movement like, does it have quake-style strafe jumping and momentum etc?
A: The movement is based off of Doom more then quake. There is no acceleration of the movment like in quake.

Q: What important features makes Wrack different from old Quake/Doom and new CoD/BFs?
A: It's a lot more of an arcade-style game. It's got a lot of inspiration from platformer games like Contra and Castlevania, and has things like boss fights!

Q: What would you consider as a successful release? Also don't you think no multiplayer will make the game boring as it is an FPS Game?
A: Not at all! A huge part of what made Doom so popular are the mods and maps people made for it! There are whole communities primarily built around the single player aspect of it! I think Wrack has a lot to offer in that department, and can't wait to see what people come up with!

Q: Can you approximately tell us when will you release Wrack as a full product?
A: We hope to have it done by next year sometime, and if it does well enough, we'd love to do two more episodes as DLC as well!

Q: if you have drawn inspiration from some platforming game as well as fpses, does that mean there will be jumping/movement based puzzles or sections?
A: Short answer, Yes. Long answer, Maps will have sections where youll have to use the physics of the movement to your advantage to get through short platform puzzles.

Q: Will you guys be recruiting any other developers to your current team?
A: Certainly! We're trying to make this the biggest, best game possible, and that means having a great team! If you have the skills we need, by all means contact me at bmc431@gmail.com!

Q: How much will it be?
A: By pre-ordering it, you save 33% so instead of being $15, it's only $9.95! You get everything we've got so far, and basically get the game before its complete!

Q: Will the DLC content be free or paid?
A: We'll try to keep it reasonably priced ;) We want to have money to make Wrack 2, after all!

Q: will there be access to community devloped maps?
A: Certainly! In fact, we have a "Featured Maps" system which allows players to download maps we showcase from inside Wrack itself! We're even looking to upgrade that system to include Time Attack/Score Attack, so people can have races/score challenges on the maps!

Q: If you had to describe one thing about Wrack that will keep people coming back for more, what would it be?
A: Modding and the community. Also, Gibbing.

Q: what do you feel separates this game from the thousands that have come before it? why should i buy in to it?
A: As far as I know, Wrack is the only game that fuses FPS elements with those from platformer games like Contra and Castlevania. It's really a pretty unique game - check out OverTheGun's playthrough of an early build of it on YouTube - he really sums it up beautifully!

Q: How many maps are planned by release?
A: 9 in episode 1, and 30 across all 3 episodes.

Q: Can we expect a heart-breaking and epic story?
A: its a arcade style game, dont expect a Story driven experience.

Q: How many unique alien weapons of anhiliation can be expected in this game? I assume users can pick up some new alien weapons.
A: We're looking at a very Doom/Quake-like 8 weapons - all with different purposes. The weapons each have their own role, and as a result, are extremely balanced. Even the pistol and melee weapon (the Hyperblade) are very useful in certain situations! There are certainly some alien-y weapons, yes!

Q: in The game itself will there be any way we can force the enemy to fight each other or will they turn on each other? like friendly fire?
A: Enemies can and do attack each other! If they're damaged enough to be stunned, they'll turn and attack whichever monster made them double over in pain!

Q: Are there gonna be any customizations planned? As in Skins/models, etc.. since people really like that stuff
A: We do not plan on adding the ability to customize in game. however, if you so desire, You can modify the game to have what ever you like.

Q: Will game have any DRM protection like requirement Internet connection?
A: No DRM other than a login system.

Q: do the wreck characters have funny dialogues?
A: We haven't gotten that far yet. We're mostly focusing on the important things right now - having fun, fast-paced gameplay with a great look to it! When we do get that far though... yes!

Q: Will there be a surival game mode (aka survive as long as possible against hordes of enemies)?
A: Stay tuned for some yet-to-be-announced DLC

The developer really sold us the game but to be honest with you, we weren't impressed. Cartoon-like shooter with no story or anything to keep you coming back to it. We felt the game is just a MOD and not worth the $9.95 (around £6/8€). If you do like mindless FPS games, there are better games available for free.

Look! It has blue shiny things!