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Well, this wont end well...

This game just blew my mind when I first played it. The intro was excellent: "In the modern world... Great leaders resolve their conflicts... With words". Words like: "SCUD launcher, Carpet bombing, Tomahawk Missiles". Who will prevail? I couldn't hold my excitement as the game was loading, a menu with some blue army in Africa or something, being attacked by a green army. Helicopters, tanks, soldiers and such, exploding right before my eyes... It was something I'd never think of. 

Generals became my favorite C&C, dethroning Red Alert 2; after finishing the campaigns, I started beating bots, playing with my friends and building gigantic armies just to destroy a tiny power plant. That wasn't enough though, mods, maps and addons, Generals was one of the best games of its time, and (in my opinion) it's the best Command and Conquer ever made. Great graphics for 2003, the music was just excellent, chinese instruments and electric guitars, african music mixed with rock and all that stuff...

The story was also excellent, you could choose your arm (like in every Command and Conquer) and make it rise, either with the quality (USA), the quantity (China) and the cheaters (GLA). The power you felt when you bombed your enemies with a fuel bomb, or attacked them with a freaking HUGE nuclear missile, or just threw hell at them with a SCUD storm.

Multiplayer was really cool, too. Either playing with my friends or with some strangers in the internet was a time killer. On a boring sunday, not even one good TV show to watch and nothing to do, Generals was the answer.

Even now I play it, every single day, I can't live without playing at least 1 or 2 rounds of Generals.

Now, they're making a sequel, and if I'm right, they will delete single player. DON'T buy that game (I think it's free though), Generals was one of the best, but no single player? Come on! I mean, that's not the goal of the game, of course, but most of the rounds we play is in single player, not multiplayer. EA should really stop acting retarded and listen to their customers.