Fallout: New Vegas
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An example of the brilliant NV mods!

So, Fallout: New Vegas. The game has many different ways of playing and many people have different views on it. I'll jump in and give mine.

First things first. The gameplay.

It is a gameplay style that suits all approaches. The main storyline is a typical revenge fuled story. (Spolier alert?!) This main objective can be done in almost anyway possible thanks to F:NV's fantastic gameplay engine.

The obvious method of doing things, going in gun first and killing everything, is made fun with fallout's new improvments upon the weapons system. The addition of iron sights to guns allows players from FPS games like CoD and the like to easily get used to the basics. The weapon mod system is a fantastic additon as well. Adding mods is an easy way to amplify your weapons' power.

Combat aside, the gameplay is still fantastic in all aspects. The exploration aspect is amazing, almost every area has somekind of hidden secret. The bartering and selling interface and play is basic, yet is fantastic to. The simpleness of the system is so intuitive and allows even the most basic of players to become millionares!

Next thing. The Story.

In order to minimise spoilers, i won't go into too much detail!

The storyline in New Vegas is fed to the player as aptly named "quests"

The way in which the player tackles the opening quest/s can determine the fate of the whole Mojave Desert so, choose wisley. This is a fantastic gameplay mechanic and allows for endless possibilities!

Finally, I will talk about mod support and the like.

The fallout mod community is a huge one. Mods are relativley easy to install and can be anything from tiny gun mods, adding new guns to the game, to huge location and quest mods, adding groundbreaking new gameplay elements. I reiterate, there are endless possibilities!

I think that covers the basics.



One of the good gun mods out there!