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You dont want to be that guy in red, do you?

If you play this game even in 2012, I assure you that you won't be disappointed. Yes, this game is a 2001 game and still I am talking this. 1nsane was developed by Invictus and published by Codemasters. Its not like this that there were no off-road games when it was released. Games like Monster Truck Madness and 4x4 Evo focused on the off-road racing experience and brought the this unique genre into the consideration. But they weren't as free as 1nsane. Being restrictive in nature they nearly failed to provide a complete off-road experience.

But Codemaster's 1nsane marked the strong beginning of off-road racing in video games, it gave true sense of freedom of off-roading--and the chaos it offers. Along with good graphics the game offers many modes to play in, including multiplayer. Along with standard quick-race mode, the game features bit unusual list of modes like jamboree, return-the-flag, gate hunt, pathfinder, capture-the-flag, and destruction zone. All the modes provide different experience while playing. Also it has a championship mode which lets you unlock new vehicles. Lets talk about the modes-

Jamboree -

Race starts and you have several checkpoints scattered around the map, out of which one is active, getting through it activates another.

Return-the-flag -

After the countdown you have a flag waiting for its beholder. You got to beat your opponents and capture the flag. But job's not done yet as the name suggests, you have to return the flag to a specific area shown on the map. But that's not easy, your opponents will try to steal the flag from you by crashing into your vehicle, you can steal from them the same way. That really gets crazy! believe me.

Gate hunt -

Checkpoints/gate are randomly distributed in the area, open for anyone at anytime. But when player or opponent gets through a gate it deactivates for all others. So the job is to deactivate as many gates as possible until all are deactivated.

Capture-the-flag -

Its a classic one. You need to capture the flag as in return-the-flag mode and all you need to do is keep holding it to earn max number of points notified while going through the gates.

Destruction zone -

You must race to a series of designated points found on top of hills and mountains on the map. Once you're in the correct area, you have to stay there to gain as many points as possible while other cars attempt to knock you off the area. You also gain points by crashing into your opponents.

Championship mode is more like a tournament, which prevents you from playing later events before completing the initial ones. For example, the first event starts off easily enough: A jamboree in Ireland takes place during the daytime, so all you have to do is follow an arrow pointer to new checkpoints and make sure that you don't make any huge mistakes, like tumbling down a hillside. After the race is over, you receive a point total based on how many checkpoints you crossed first--but if your score's too low, you can't advance. Its little frustrating at beginning, but you get used to it.

Talking about the controls of the game, you may be very frustrated, annoyed when you start. But this doesn't mean that the controlling is not up to the mark or are unresponsive, but because its hard to compensate with the shocks and the nut loosening crashes you will encounter--in other words--the madness and chaos which the game offers. You will feel the amount of damage that 'the crashes' has done to your vehicle when you drive. There are vast variety of camera modes in the game including action cam, inside the vehicle as well as the standard and most liked behind the vehicle cam. Game also provides replay mode which can be enjoyed with different camera modes as mentioned.

Game doesn't have any real-world licensed vehicle. But that doesn't bring it down, because there are huge varieties of 4x4 vehicle to choose from. From SUVs to dune buggies to even big trucks! Each vehicle shows realistic damage according to where it has been hit. If you hit your front bumper to a tree, the bumper bends accordingly

Sound effects of the game are a little towards the low end. But the music in very good to turn you up.

Overall, the game has much of the realistic off-roading experience because of its expansive environment. 1nsane is very enjoyable. Plenty of modes, plenty of vehicles and real world terrains makes it a kind of unique.

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