Battlefield Play 4 Free is pretty understandable by It's name, It's completly free to play.But there are some players who put this game in their "P2W"(Pay 2 win) games, which is at some points pretty true, But all Guns you can get for free but to do that you have to get to the level associated with that gun.FOR EXAMPLE" M95: Unlocked at level 20."And its pretty hard getting to higher levels as it needs very much time.Now as we come Pay 2 Win you can get 'ANY' gun for money.New gear[clothes shoes etc..] can only be purchased by real money.And you can also purchase 'BOOSTS' for real money(EXP. and COIN boosts by 50%).

Now the game, The team that created it has done a very good work in almost everything.I specially like the graphics and sounds, there are some very few guns that have same sound otherwise almost every sound matches gun's characteristics.There are 4 classes' that are   Recon[Sniper],Assault,Medic,Engineer  every class is much described by its name.There is a variety of guns for every class, From SV-98 to L96A1 {Recon}, PP-2000 to MP5 and PP-19 {Engineer} and so on.Well shotguns are available for every class and many people are annoyed by that, there are also these servers"No shotgun server" etc... A low-end rig owner can also run this (as me :P) and 128 MB video card support will soon be added.Every map is better than other, If you want only infantry and no vehicle combat there are also 2 maps for this.Helis, Tanks, APC, it has almost everything from real-life war, EVEN JETS!.You can get a blast if you have a decent rig,(some laptops get overheated from this game and unexectedly shutdowns,but its very rare about 2/10 of "LAPTOPS" get this prob)      

Pro 4   Can work on low-end rigs.


Con 2  Higher levels are hard to reach


This is a short review but It's anything that i can remember...Your lovely Game Debater

~ Yarizmass