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Hulk is coming

Hulk is a video game developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Vivendi Universal Games & Universal Interactive.


The first thing to be written when writing reviews about any game. The game Hulk looks like cartoon to me but the overall graphics is good. I would give a 7/10 to Hulk in this area.


I loved its story. The story is based on the Hulk movie which is good. The game starts with a movie scene (the movie trailer) so I thought that it would be a game completely based on the movie but as I played the game I found that it was like a sequel to the movie where you get to be the Hulk/ Bruce Banner. There are Hulk enemies from the movie (military soldiers) as well as special bosses made specially for the game which makes fighting even funnier. The overall story is similar to The Incredible Hulk movie where Bruce tries to get rid of his power/curse. But at the end of the game (after killing Madman) he gets to know that the powers he has are for him and no one else. I would tell the whole story but it would spoil all the rage Hulk has in him. I would give a 10/10 to Hulk in this area.


The gameplay in Hulk is absolutely 95% awesome. The bad part in the gameplay is in Bruce Banner missions (where you lose the game if you transform into Hulk). Those missions are short, but in those missions you have to act like James Bond (you can't take the risk of fighting in human mode as you are too weak) which is awful. The only good thing in Bruce Banner mission is you get to control the original movie stars (e.g. Eric Bana). But the best part is the Hulk missions where you get to do whatever you want; throw objects, do a special move, or smash your enemies with your own two hands. The special moves in the game make smashing people really fun. Hulk can pick up almost anything from the environment and I think it is fun throwing boxes and Electric rods and more towards your enemies. The Rage-O-Meter gives a +1 to the gameplay. When the Rage-O-Meter fills up the Hulk becomes more powerful than ever and almost invulnerable, you can kill more than ten enemies with a single special attack or do simple punches on your enemies to knock them down in a single strike. Hulk can even return gifts to enemy tanks or helicopters by throwing their missiles back at them. Grabbing enemies and throwing them over others or over shields of enemy tanks or humans is funny and quite useful too (as it disables the shield). I would give a 9.5/10 to Hulk and 3.5/10 to Bruce Banner in this area.

For those who want to check the scores and read nothing else –

Graphics – 7/10

Story – 10/10

Gameplay – 9.5/10 as Hulk, 3.5/10 as Bruce Banner

Wondering about the life of the soldier who is trying to kill the Hulk