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Look at those guns........

Oni is a video game developed by Bungie(now owned by Microsoft), The Omni Group & Rockstar Toronto and published by Gathering of Developers, Rockstar Games, and MacSoft & Feral Interactive.


The year was 2032. The world was contaminated with poisonous gasses, and World War III had finished. Konoko is the main character in this game. She was implanted with Daodan Chrysalis by the TCTF(Technology Crimes Task Force) when she was 7 years old(you'll get to know about it later in the game). A robot Shinatama was connected to her to monitor her Daodan Powers. Later in the game, she gets to know her real name is Mai Hasegawa. Her father and her uncle worked on the Daodan Chrysalis which could change the humanity, cure all the diseases and do other stuff. But they were funded by the Syndicate, so the government sent forces and killed his father. But they kept the research. Konoko’s uncle took her to the TCTF for safety. The Syndicate took away his brother and implanted him with the Chrysalis who soon became the boss of the Syndicates. As a backup plan Konoko was also implanted with it by the TCTF. I wouldn't write anything after this as it will spoil the fun. I am giving a 4/10 to Oni in this area (because at the end of the game, the world is destroyed).


Oni is a hybrid action game, one that enables players to use all sorts of The attacks and special moves are the best in the gameplay. Konoko starts the game with many hand-to-hand available combat moves and learns new moves later in the game. She can carry one weapon at a time. Every type of villain has their own special moves which make it more fun to play. The futuristic gadgets, different environments and awesome weapons are the best. And for the first time the weapons don't float on the floor without reason, you have to acquire them from your enemies like real life. But the fact where weapons get lost in the event horizon if kept on the ground for much time isn't good at all. And know one knows what kind of pocket Konoko has to carry the weapon when hidden(it must be something like Doraemon's 4th Dimensional Pocket! LOL). I would give a 8/10 to Oni in this area.


Oni has good graphics. Rockstar games had designed the buildings by a professional architect. The buildings therefore are designed like real buildings, with proper stairwells and other stuff. The weapons were designed perfectly as well. The characters are well designed too. But only a few civilians in those environments make the game really empty and boring(as you can't kick much civilian butt). I would give a 9/10 to Oni in this area.


Sounds in Oni are quite good. The sound effects are great and the music too. The NPC sounds and lines are really like real world though the sound of someone dying was like the sound of vomiting to me but it can be accepted. Oni gets a 8/10 in this area.


The game is quite good. The gameplay, graphics and environments will astonish you. Both kicking butts and shooting the villains makes it even better. The Weapons are truly amazing. But the disappearing of weapons, destruction of the Earth and the almost no civilian environment has to disappoint you. Anyways, Oni is a must play game in my list, I have completed it more than 10 times and still like kicking Muro's butt.

The Devil Spin Kick..... Really hurts!!!!