Mirrors Edge
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Review for a great pc game called Mirrors Edge.


Story (Warning may contain spoilers!)

Story for Mirrors Edge isn't the best but not the worst part of the game.

You are a "runner" called Faith whos sister Kate has been framed for murder of a mayor candidate.

It's up to you to help your sister to clean her name.

You have a partner called Merc who actually doesn't help you because he's in his lair and he doesn't even give you clues or anything.



The gameplay is very unique compared to almost any other game. It's a 1-st person parkour game with occasional fighting.

Running and jumping is awesomest part of the game while combat is clunky and unpleasant.

Combat is a chore and that's why i would recommend that you should take easy mode.

Depending on the skill you have and will have the story mode will take you from 4-7 hours

After that you can do time trials which give you an area from the story mode.

If you have completed the story mode you unlock speed runs which are chapters from the story but you will have to complete them in time.

One of the most awesomest little details in this game is that you can see your body (legs and arms) in the game which makes you feel that you control a person not a camera.

The game has some clunky controls



Graphics on this game are nice but not very detailed (on highest)

Different level design than the usual games



This game has no multiplayer but it uploads your records on time trials and speed runs


This game is for 16+ so there will be violence but not gore so in my opinion i wouldn't mind letting my 13 year old little brother to play.

This game doesn't suit for everyone but if you have the slightest interest in this game you should buy it.

This game has also cool soundtrack.