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lets race

Well..i think i'm gonna write Need for Speed Underground 2(NFSU2) review since there's no review about this game,that was unfortunate since we all know this series had a great record of sales in the market back in 2004.

So,lets get it on :



The game started with an airplane scene which the protagonist is in the plane,the protagonist(whose still the main character on first installment need for speed underground or NFSU),flashback on what happened later in the end of NFSU,the story told that the protagonist had been set up by ominous person,and the protagonist's car had been totalled by unknown racer,and the flashback fadeout. 

When arrived in the new town which is called Bayview,player sit on nissan 350Z and got new message from Rachel (cast by Brooke Burke),Rachel was Samantha's friend (if you play NFSU,you know who is Samantha).

And the story begin...

The point is,in this game..well like usual you'll have to be the number one racer all across Bayview,rachel will help to achive this.

What makes the story in this game interisting is the scene,the scene is like cartoon,comical with comic page in every scene.



NFSU2 offer a night race all over Bayview area and split into 5 area which is can be unlocked if you get enough reputation,the race in NFSU2 featured :

Circuit race (Marked by purple ring) A race in the circuit or town street which is contains 2 or more lap,

Sprint race (Marked by green ring) A point to point race,

Drag race (Marked by blue ring) A short and straight race where all transmission here are manual ,and if you keep press throtlle in high rpm and don't shift up your clutch you got blown engine (personaly drag race is the best event in this game),

Underground racing league(URL)(Marked by yellow ring) A tournament where you can gain reputation and get sponsored,

Drift race (Marked by bright yellow) An event where you have to drift your car in the narrow circuit,the better the angle the better the point you got

StreetX (Marked by aqua ring) A small but wide circuit where no nitrous allowed it's full depend on your engine and driver skill

Sponsored race (Marked by "x" symbol depend on type of the event) A race to fill the condition of your sponsored if you fulfill this condition you got a bonus from your sponsored,mark with "X" on your map the kind of race is depend on sponsored it self.

Photo shot opportunity race (Marked with yellow star symbol) Called special event in game,is a race from point to another point just like sprint race but the different is there are no opponent and no bound,so it's like a free roam but in a time limit,if you get to the destination on time your car will shown in dvd cover or magazine cover plus with sexy girl in front of your car haha..

Free roam race, A one on one race when you are on free roam,find another car while exploring the city on free roam,set the finish line and race..there's no bound while racing.

Maybe list of race event above is enough to play this game,but this is underground series..yup,its not only talking about race and win it's also talk about style baby..yeaahh car modification..Need For Speed Underground series offered many way to tuning your car,from exterior,engine,color.."that's it?" of course not!,you can also put a spinner on yor wheel,put a sound system on your car trunk you can also got a hydraulic for your car so your car can bounce and dance!..that's awesome!

Every modification are doing in the seperate place,for exterior is in the Body Shop,marked by green dot on yor map,for engine you can tune in the Engine Shop,marked by blue dot on your map,for paint in the Paint Shop,marked by red dot,and for soundsystem,hydraulic,neon lights is in the Car Specialities Shop,marked by yellow dot,the Car Lot marked by aqua dot on your map and your Garage is marked by purple dot.

What makes this game is really tired is there are no jump point to any event,jump point only available if you want to take your car back to your garage..why i said tired?,in the first paragraph of gameplay section i said "NFSU2 offer a night race all over Bayview area and split into 5 area" yeahh the map is..well..i can say..huge..so don't complained if some event start from the top of the hill and finish at the bottom of the harbor,while the other event is start at the top of the hill again that means you have to climb the hill again..phew..

The road traffic was nice back into 2004 even the civilian's car looks like junk than us but they are give us another adrenaline when race on the street (and also a frustated one,when you got crush on traffic car meanwhile the finish line is in front of you)

NFSU2 offered 33 (include the SUV) car you can purchase and modification.


For the game which been made in 2004,the graph is nice,the car's detail is very good and looks so real makes me wanna buy that car and tuning exactly same like in the game hehe..

The optimization of the graphic is also good makes NFSU2 become one of the best racing game ever.


The Summary

For overall the NFSU2 is a great game in history,not only race but also the car modification is great,but the issue of jump point and the long track circuit race makes this game a little bit boring but that's not a big deal NFSU2 offered a different experience in racing game genre.

I'm sorry if i missed anything important this is an old game and the last time i played it back in 2010.