Arctic Combat
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Let me stab you.

In the near future, there is been a discovery of natural resources in the Arctic Circle, which resulted a war at the end between two of the strongest countries in the world, United States and Russia. Then, they begin to fight between each other to gain the control of these newly discovered natural resources.

Arctic Combat is a free to play model based MMOFPS game that is been developed and published by WEBZEN. It was on closed beta for a while, and it has been closed today few hours ago. It was originally knows as 'Battery Online', and was changed to 'Arctic Combat' later. You'll still be able to see 'Battery' on the description of the application from the Task Manager.

Arctic Combat provides players different varieties of environments with different climates starting from freezing environments to blazing environments. Also, features many different varieties of Game modes like Search and Destroy, Free-For-All, Team Death Match, Demolition, PVE, Conquest. And modes are divides in to different sub modes like, Sniper only, Knife only, All Weapons.

Free to Play model works as you earn points, you can use them to purchase weapons, upgrade ones that you already own, or purchase any other items like perks, and clothes. Points can be earned at the end of each match.

This game seems to be inspired from Call of Duty and Counter Strike, considering the perk system was used in Call of Duty and one of the maps in the game was borrowed from Counter Strike with modifications added in to it. Also, there is a system that this game features, skills. Skills work almost the same as the kill streak system in many Call of Duty titles. It features, RPG-7s, assault vehicles that is not controlled by the player. You can earn them by earning killing streaks.

There are only handful of weapons that you can purchase considering that this game is currently on beta stage. If you're familiar with highly popular FPS game titles like Call of Duty, you'll discover many of the weapons that you can find on it like, AK-47, SCAR, Desert Eagle, and few more. As in many other games, you get to use a primary weapon, secondary weapon, and a knife, going along with two grenades. Knife is also accessible as a panic knife without switching to the knife as a different weapon, but by pressing a single key and our character will perform the knife attack.

Currently it only supports 8 vs 8 players per match. Modes are really fun and really enjoyable. Game becomes more and more competitive with modes like Search and Destroy. Feels almost like Counter Strike. Other modes are enjoyable too for example, a match of knife only free-for-all. Tell me who doesn't enjoy a knife only free-for-all match?

As in most of the FPS games, there is a rank up system built in to the game. As you gain more experience, your rank will keep increasing. Also, some of the modes in this doesn't unlock till you reach the rank that is required to play that game mode.

There is a tutorial for the game that is available at the beginning so you can get used to the game. It will tell you how to play the game. At the tutorial, you'll notice items that are situated.. uhm well why spoil it?

PVE mode is one of the really great features that comes with the game. You can have bots in your side, and fight against whole different enemy bots, which seems quite cool. Not many FPS games provides this feature, most likely MMORPG games provides this feature...

Controls of the game are easy to master. Uses basic keys as in many other FPS games. 'W', 'A', 'S', and 'D' keys for moment, Shift key for sprinting, Left mouse button to attack, Right mouse button for aiming down sight, 'R' button to reload, and number keys for activating kill streaks, changing between your weapons, 'E' for performing a knife attack.

Graphically speaking, the game has pretty impressive graphics. When we're talking about graphics, one of the bigger thing that comes to our minds are the system requirements. System requirements for Arctic Combat are really low, and this game is well optimized. We were able to run this at medium-ish settings at 1024 x 768 on a lower-end system (a Nvidia 6150SE with an Athlon ii X2 215 and 2GBs of RAM), which seems to be really impressive of this game.

As for the audio, they are quite good. Some times, you won't be able to understand what the characters are saying unless you knows how to speak Russian language because they are speaking Russian language. You can even track people with footsteps really easily.

Overall you this game is one of the most enjoyed game by me so I think you'll too, and yes, it's completely free! Why not give it a try?

Like a boss!