Mafia 2
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Developed by 2K Czech aka Illusion Softworks , Mafia 2 is an open-world action-adventure video game with both its ups and downs.

Mafia 2 follows the story of a discharged soldier ,Vito Scaletta, who returns to his home-town , Empire Bay to continue his life as a normal citizen. After some time of playing you find out that Vito has to find quickly money so he can pay-off his fathers debts.How does he do that? Get involved in the mob in a twisted and full of suspense story.

Before I say anything else I have to say that Mafia 2 is an OK game to spend your hours. The major positive of the game has to be the suspensfull story of Vito's involvment with the mob that makes you want to play more so you find out what is trully going on. Also the excellent voice work really makes you like or dislike certain characters in the story.

Unfortunately for the game, the bad things about this game certainly overwheigh the positives.First of all, although this game is an open-world game you dont raelly have much to do in the game which you can immidietelly understand when you look at the map.The only places, besides the missions in the game, you can visit are two or three cloathing stors and half a dozen garages.Also there arent many differences in the missions.Eight out of Ten missions will ask you to break into a building,kill some thugs,get the thing youre looking for and then return to your boss.Another,is that although that the game is vissually good the animations and the movement of players and cars are rather stiff.Finally my greatest problem in the game has to do with the open world area.When you start a mission and go to the place youre asked to there arent many people in the streets and if there are ,the only thing they do is walk.You will never see a citizen just sitting down with others and talk.This is actually the major complaint to me cause it somewhat makes the open world area seem rather unsatisfying and quite boring to be honest. 

Although it's greaping,interesting and diverse story, Mafia 2 lacks the basics that make an open-world game satisfying.Its stiff animations and lack of social life in the streets lowers the game's interest.

If you're looking for a game to spend your time on and you're more of a role-playing fanatic than a basic third-person adventure game fanatic, Mafia 2 is the game for you

Final Verdict : 7/10.