Counter strike GO is not a CS 2 its more like a next step for valve. Valve has taken a huge step just by making counter strike a cross platform game but for some newcomers to counter strike will have a bad or more likely a rough time getting their butts kick from long time cs player like me when i was just new at playing counter strike source just starting to to play online( before i only go offline). Sure I got my ass kick at first but you'l get the hang of it once you get the pro's and con's of this game.


If your a CoD or BF3 player you will have a hard time playing csgo because in the counter strike series there is no respawn you will only watch the game till the next round starts. CSGO is more like a hardcore game no respawn, no regen, no perks, just shooting and surviving.


lets go to the game-play. Visuals in csgo is just stunning just from seeing the trailer you will get stunned at the new graphics from dust from being dusty gold now its dirty in a good way new passages like in the underpass, to the right there will be a stairs going above the underpass( i forgot what its called :P)  CSGO has 4 game modes


  1. arms race  - its a race, from the weak smgs to shotguns to rifles to pistols then to knife, who ever kills with the knife gets to win
  2. demolition - is a fast paced mode where you as Terrorist you get to plant a bomb in a small map while as a Counter Terrorist you need to stop the Terrorist's from planting or defuse the bomb, another thing about demolition is your weapon progresses, you get a kill get a new weapon, get a killing spree new weapon and grenades
  3. casual classic -  In casual you don't need to buy armor&helmets its automatic, you can buy a taser gun that can kill in 1 hit but you need to be close, there is no team collision and no friendly fire
  4. Classic competitive - its the complete opposite of casual you need to buy armor&helmet, no taser gun =( ,there will be friendly fire, team collision.


 In the mean time CSGO has limited maps some are still being fixed by valve, few of the originals are available like Aztec, dust&dust II, office, Italy, inferno, nuke.